Plug Into Your Superpower: How to Be More, Do More, And Have More With Less Effort, Less Stress, and More Fun
(October 29th - 31st)

Ladies, our time together in our 3-day coaching intensive has come to an end.

Now you finally know how you can have more ease and joy and success in your career without working harder.

And you know how you can have more intimacy, passion and romance… and that it can all feel effortless!

But is it enough to just have awareness?

Or are you’re ready to DO something about it?

If you’re DONE feeling like everything needs to be such a struggle and that you have to work so hard…

And you’re ready to say #FTS! I want a successful love life and career and in all facets of my life! I want it to feel effortless and I want it now!


Because on October 28th, 29th, 30th we’re doing a 3-day retreat, Plug Into Your Superpower: How To Be More, Do More, And Have More, With Less Effort, Less Stress, and More Fun!

But this is your LAST CHANCE to claim your spot before registration ends!

Listen, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. This is a crossroads for you.

You can go right back to the “Old Way” of living your life, working your butt off, because it’s familiar…

Continuing to bottle-up, ignore, or be at conflict with your true source of power and genius …

Working longer and harder to compensate. Spending less time with the people you love, less time doing what you love…

Until all that is left is the stress, and the overwhelm, and the exhaustion…

Or you can tap into and leverage your true essence and genius, your very own Superpower, so you get success and ease and grace and stunning joy in a way that feels like ease and grace and flow…

And your results will be not only astonishing, but felt effortless…

And you can have your whole life any way you want it, without powering through to get there or giving up the safety and income and lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for women who are done feeling like the best parts of life are passing you by.

If you’re ready to say #FTS I want ease and joy and success and I want it all to feel effortless…

Claim your spot using the button below before registration ends!

Frequently Asked Question

When Is The Event Being Held?

The Event is being held October 29th through October 31st.

Where Is The Event Being Held?

The event is being held at Chautauqua in Boulder, CO

Where Do I Fly Into?

The closest airport is Denver International Airport.

How Do I Book a Room?

Once you register, we will send you a link to book your room at Chautauqua.

There are also several other hotel options in Boulder that are in close proximity to Chautauqua if you have a preference to stay at another location.

What is the COVID Policy?

We will be following COVID policies in accordance with guidance by the State of Colorado (where the event is being held). Per the State of Colorado, fully vaccinated people can go without masks in most settings. Unvaccinated people are still encouraged to wear masks.

The hotel where the event is begin hosted has been working with local health authorities since the onset of the pandemic to ensure COVID safety measures meet industry standards. They are one of sixty-four business in Boulder County that are 5-star certified (a local program focused on COVID safety for small businesses). No staff have tested positive for COVID. At this time there are no restrictions in place on a state or city level that would prohibit group activity.

Have additional questions? Email VIP@datingwithdignity.com

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