In our 7th Level Leadership Program you will...

  • Discover how to use the 10 core principles of MASTERY to lead like a badass fem, create influence, and make powerful decisions (e.g., sales, creating buy in from supervisors and potential clients or customers, vendors, management) to create extraordinary results as a leader that are in alignment with your purpose.
  • Uplevel your identity as a CEO and Leader so that you can make decisions from your highest self, show up more powerfully for yourself and everyone you engage with, skip years of trial and error, and fulfill your purpose in a way that feels 100% in flow with who you are and the life and business you want to create. 
  • Take consistent action on fulfilling your purpose in a way that expresses your authentic self and feels fun.
  • Create such a remarkable work environment for yourself and others (work from home or in an office) that you are able to double and triple your productivity and performance and results.
  • Use the ‘experiment’ model of strategic plan execution to assess and adjust rather than avoiding, procrastinating, or worrying about the ‘right thing to do’ so that you generate growth year after year consistently
  • Effortlessly make powerful decisions based on your PURPOSE rather than what other people are doing (people in your industry, ‘gurus,’
  • Get access to resources to help you make smarter decisions in your business to save time (and money) that comes from ‘not knowing what you don’t know’
  • Learn specific strategies to generate LEVEL 7 energy to inspire top performance from anyone on your team simply by showing up in a new way as a leader.

This is how the 7th Level Leadership program works to create MASSIVE results.

  • Two  25 Minute Laser Coaching Sessions per Month with Tessa.  These in-depth, intuitive, strategic, and structured coaching calls will hold you accountable to your goals, uncover internal blocks that are holding you back, and remove resistance so that you can realize your vision for your life and your business at lightning speed.
  • Monthly Group Leadership Call with Tessa to access 7th Level leadership and energy, get clarity on your business and lifestyle vision, and create your fastest path to get there.  A variety of topics will be covered such as decision making; upleveling your identity as a CEO; creating your business non-negotiables;  creating your personal brand that reflects your non-negotiables and your authentic self; getting clear on you core philosophies; sales; hiring; creating your Business Manifesto to help you say on track in the development of your business WHILE you learn how to lead effectively; raising your capacity for discomfort in biz; leadership and understanding how to leverage your leadership and communication style to get the most out of yourself and others; presenting ideas for growth; and more!
  • 3 “Hot-tub Q and A Mastermind” Coaching Calls with Marni to get powerful feedback, direction, and guidance on creating a business and life that is in alignment with who you are as a leader in business and love.  
  • Private group community and connection platform so that you have a 7th Level Leadership community to champion your vision, share breakthroughs, and celebrate wins.

Start Date - April 1st, 2021

The 7th Level Leadership Program will start on April 1st and run through September 30th.  The first group call will be April 1st at 11am PST.

Deadline to Enroll is Monday, January 11th!

The full price of the program is $10k, but our “Founding Members” who are active Living Courageously Elite or Trailblazers members will have the opportunity to renew for $6k.  This pricing will be available through Monday, January 11th. 

7th Level Leadership

Pay In Full
$ 6k pay in full
  • $6k Payment Today to Enroll
full pay

7th Level Leadership

Payment Plan
$ 1250 6 monthly pmts
  • Make your first monthly payment to enroll
PMt Plan

Please email jordan@datingwithdignity.com if you have questions!

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