7th Level Leadership Energy Prework


  1. Daily Walking Meditation
  2. Say Hello in the social app (Mighty Network)
  3. Consider your Vision and what you want to create!
  4. Answer the Leadership energy Questionnaire

1. Daily Walking Meditation Journaling
(Allow a total of 15-25 mins to walk & journal. Begin Today!)

Once a day, do a 10-15 minute Walking Meditation with one of the following questions. You may ask a different question each day or repeat questions.

Choose one question and write it down. Then walk in silence. Allow 5-10 minutes to journal right after you’ve walked. Here are some HQQs to get you in the groove:

  • What have I been overlooking or over-riding/rationalizing that I know to be true?
  • To raise my energy, what might I need to accept or let go of to become who I want to be?
  • If I were to embrace the mastery principle of ________ more, what might be different in my life?
  • Where is my ego holding on in terms of my leadership identity? What could open up for me as a leader if I chose to let that go?
  • To become the kind of leader in my life that I want to be, what will I need to do differently?
  • What is the Question I know I need to consider that I have been unwilling to ask myself until now?

2. Communicate in the Mighty Networks group.
Start up-leveling your communication and connection. ☺ Over the next week as you do your daily meditation, post your awarenesses and celebrations or select something from the list:

  1. Share two mastery or leadership wins prior to April 8
  2. Give support/encouragement to at least two other ladies
  3. State one specific mastery accountability if you know if now, or wait till the group call on April 1
  4. Share an insight you’ve had from one of your walking meditations

3. Begin to capture some of your Vision on paper. Even if you just have some vague ideas right now, write them down and bring your list with you to the April 1h group call!

Add anything of your choice that will support you to be successful!

4. Answer this Leadership Energy Questionnaire by 12:00 PM PDT on April 7th.

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