Stop Turning Off The Quality Men
You Want to Attract

When you discover how to “flip your own switch” and STOP sending the (number 1 dating turn-off) energy that makes guys say there was “no chemistry” or they “feel intimidated,” quality men will see the absolute best version of you…for the first time!

This may sound harsh, but here’s the deal: quality men keep disappearing on you for a reason.

Something you’re doing is repelling the very men you’re trying to attract, and the D-Factor Assessment will tell you exactly what that something is so that you STOP repelling awesome, relationship-ready men with critical dating mistakes you don’t even know you’re making and START drawing these great men toward you like a giant magnet.

This astonishingly successful tool shows you exactly how men experience you. In 60 minutes you’ll know what your D-Factor score is PLUS you’ll receive a private debrief session with a Master Coach to show you how it’s impacting your results with men.

The signals you send out (involuntarily) every day are telling high-quality men to stay away.

You don’t have to change who you are, but you’ll never attract high-quality men unless you start sending the right signals.

The BIG Mistake You're Making (It's Not Your Fault!)

Masculine energy is, without a doubt, the Number 1 turn-off for men. More than 90% of the women who take the Dating with Dignity D-Factor, Date-Ability Assessment are shocked to learn that more than 40% of their total available, positive, “date me” energy is vibrating at low levels.

Most importantly, these low energy levels are broadcasting messages that cause men to move away from you as a potential partner! They’re sending a decidedly “masculine” energy. 


No, this has nothing to do with how skinny you are, how long your hair is, if you wear make-up, heels, flats, jeans or dresses. It’s the negative energy you’re sending out to men, subconsciously. Unfortunately, you can’t just “turn it off,” and it comes out without your even realizing it.

It’s borne out of your life experiences, your subconscious thoughts and feelings, and your core beliefs. Because it comes from deep in your subconscious, this energy can accidentally “leak” when you’re having a deep conversation, when someone gives you a compliment, or even when you display your sense of humor. You might be shooting yourself in the foot on a date!

Why Do You Have Masculine Energy,
and How Do You Change IT?

The problem comes from the (masculine) energy and mindset you use every day to build your career and establish yourself.

You see, we all have a combination of masculine and feminine energy. And many of the things you do on a daily basis require you to use some masculine energy.

The problems come when you meet a man you’re attracted to. He is initially ATTRACTED by your feminine energy.

And a lot of successful, single women actually “leak” masculine energy at the wrong time without even realizing it.

Even though you’re doing your best to date, flirt with, and attract a quality man… you end up unintentionally sending out the wrong message to men (and the world).

It’s a common problem for so many women, and it’s not your fault. Your “date me,” feminine energy is just vibrating at low levels.

There are 12 core beliefs that can cause you to “leak” masculine energy on a date, and taking the D-Factor Date-Ability Assessment is the only way to uncover if you’re victim to this all-too-common problem.

This Process Is For You If...

  • You want to uncover all the hidden negativity that may be undermining your romantic life.

  • You are wondering why you’re attracting the same kind of men (the wrong kind) over and over again.

  • You need access to the kind of self-feedback that your friends can’t or won’t give you.

  • You desire to know what it’s going to take to attract the kind of men you truly want!

What’s Going to Change after Your D-Factor Process?

I want to make one thing clear: this is no Cosmo quiz. Instead of telling you who you are, like a personality test, the D-Factor test takes a snapshot of how you’re being and living in the world at this moment in time by numerically indexing your Energetic Vibration and revealing your deepest unconscious thoughts.

After which you’ll schedule a private debrief session with one of my Master Coaches to analyze your results, and discover what you can do RIGHT NOW to turn around your love life and make that astonishing connection with the love of your life.

This is the kind of process that will produce serious and personal results—the test that will answer many of your deepest questions, including some questions you’d never thought of. The people around you, no matter how close and trusted, are unlikely or unwilling to give the insight of YOU that you need to break free and restart yourself. With the D-Factor Process, you’re just 60 minutes away from completely revolutionizing the way you think about yourself and your future.

Your D-Factor Process will be sent to you via email within 2 business days.

Then you will also receive a second email with an invitation to schedule your private coaching session with your Dating With Dignity coach to go over your results.

* The “D-Factor Process” includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment created by Bruce Schneider, Ph.D., and is licensed through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Obviously you can see how valuable this program is.

* Imagine losing your anxiety and anger about dating and relationships forever, never again thinking, “If I only knew which were the right moves, I’d make them.”

* Imagine never again wondering why a great guy — one you could see yourself in a relationship with — didn’t ask you out for a second date.

* Imagine losing the overwhelming sense of dread that no matter what you do, you’re going to wind up alone.

* Imagine feeling like you have Super Powers, never again feeling as though the guy you really want wants someone else. (And never again feeling that love just isn’t in the cards for you.)

* Imagine how proud and confident you’ll feel when you get off the dating roller coaster forever!

I think you understand what this process could mean to you.

It’s time to do something for yourself and invest in your own happiness. It’s time for you to start making the right moves, sending out positive energy into the world that you’re ready to be loved.

I’ve devoted my life to your success and helping each and every one of my clients be happy with who they are and find the love that’s right for them.

Okay, it’s decision time. And you really only have two choices:

You can keep going down the road you’re on. But if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

But the universe has brought you here for a reason. It’s giving you the chance to Say “Yes!” to change for the better. It’s giving you the chance to grow, improve, find the man of your dreams, and have the life you want.

It’s time to stop watching others succeed and hoping love will magically find you. The years are flying by faster and faster. It’s time you wrote a new chapter: time to choose yourself and believe in and invest in yourself.

Order the D-Factor now and uncover what’s stopping you from having the love and the life you’ve always wanted.

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