After Just 3-Days You Will Transform Into The Badass, Confident Woman Quality Men Can’t Resist,

So You Can Effortlessly Get The Man and Relationship You’ve Dreamed of Forever!



May 21-23, 2021

Whether You Realize It or Not,

You Have An

This is your moment!

For smart, successful women, this is a rare opportunity for you to make the choice to have everything you’ve always wanted…

The world is shifting. We’re moving to a New Era.

And it’s an opportunity to take everything you’ve learned about what’s most important in your life over the past 12 months, and create a New Normal and a New You (not only free from restrictions of COVID, but free from what’s really held YOU back from the man and the loving, connected, committed relationship you’ve dreamed of forever).

Or, you can settle for going back to the old normal…but is that what you really want? Staying busy with more and more things to fill the void and distract yourself… but still alone with your heart’s desire unfulfilled?

A crossroads. Where you have the incredible opportunity to set your life on fire and create a life of intimacy, love and freedom without restrictions. To finally attract your ideal match so you can have the epic, loving relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s a chance to reinvent yourself as the woman who has it all…

Fulfillment, purpose and LOVE with an amazing, adoring, attentive man who is your equal!

But if you don’t, seize this moment in time…

If you don’t create a New Normal, and you passively fall back into what’s comfortable and the old way of doing things, with the same old bad results, hurt, disappointment…

You will miss it and you’ll be stuck.

It’s up to you.

You can be bold and courageous and live out your destiny as a woman on fire.

You can choose to expand, open up your heart and catapult toward your dreams so you can become the woman who attracts a loving partner that is your equal. Your soulmate and the love of your life. Who sees you, loves you and supports you. A man that makes you feel loved and adored every day, because you are the most important thing in his life.

His love fills you up and makes you smile on the inside because you know you will never have to feel lonely again.

Or you can keep playing small, sitting on the sidelines, like you’ve always done.

Some women are going to seize this incredible opportunity, and some won’t. The ones who don’t will get left behind. Still wondering why they’ve been successful at everything else they’ve done, but ‘unlucky at love.’

They will be left in limbo; feeling like they’re so close to figuring out what they’re doing wrong with men. Thinking about the ‘one thing’ that’s missing. Always one step away from the life and the love that would make them feel loved and complete.

But that’s not the


Covid was a great excuse to HIDE, but what’s changed? Another year gone by. Lost.

And now you know without a doubt that finding a healthy, loving partnership with a MAN who makes you feel loved and adored every day, because you are the most important thing in his world… is the end what matters most.

Remember all of the guilt, the shame and the loneliness that was going on before the pandemic? It’s gonna be worse if you don’t DO something.

How many more years are you prepared to lose. You have the opportunity NOW. is your life going to be groundhog day.

Right now it’s like New Years all over again, a perfect opportunity for rebirth. Use it as a point of demarcation.

Because if you don’t… the guilt, shame and regret will wear you down day after day, year after year. And you’ll move further and further from the epic, loving, connected relationship you want. Until it moves so far from reality that it becomes a dream, rather than a goal.

What are you going to do about it?

Waiting until everything is 100% ‘back to normal’ is not a strategy. You’re smart enough to know there’s nothing good about staying stuck in the past.

The truth is, there has never been a better time in your life to look forward and create a fresh start.

To reinvent yourself and create what you’ve never had before.

A life that burns bright and you feel like you are on fire. Not just in your career but in a relationship and love, a life that is completely in alignment with you… for the first time.

Thomas Jefferson said: “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Are you ready?

Take Back Control,

Be Fierce, and

This is your invitation to take a bold step forward into your new identity as a woman on  fire: so you can Ignite Your Life!

After just 3 days you will become the woman that quality men can’t resist! And attract the man and relationship you’ve dreamed of forever!

We are bringing back our patented Ignite Your Life Transformational Process that’s changed so many lives, but in a whole new way… and without all the restrictions of having to attend an in-person event!

This is a chance for you to have the massive transformation you’ve been waiting for, as well as a direct connection and interaction with our incredible team!

Plus a powerful community of women and incredible entertainment!

All delivered in a way no one has ever seen before!

With everything at your fingertips, in the comfort of your own home! A unique opportunity for you to get together with our incredible tribe of women… in total safety.

This is a 3 day experiential transformation weekend starring YOU.

Where you get to rewrite your love story, put an end to old narratives that are holding you back, and create an ending where the girl gets the guy, romance and all!

You’re Already

and Successful—This Is the Missing Piece!

Join me and a community of amazing women for a transformative three-day weekend to learn our patented Ignite Your Life Process to attract, meet, date, and fall in love with an amazing man who loves you right back – no matter what is going on in the world!

This is an intimate event like no other. By the end of our time together, you will be that woman, in your heart and soul, who now knows what’s missing AND how to get what she wants: in life, sex, love, relationship, career, and everything in between.

The woman who seizes the opportunities we’ve been given in these times. A woman on fire, irresistible, that takes control so that she gets what she wants now.

If you’re serious about changing your life, and you are ready to make 2021 your bitch… so you can finally attract and fall in love with the perfect man for you, then you cannot afford to miss this!

If you’ve had enough of the self-doubt – of feeling inferior when it comes to men and relationships and the fear that love might never happen for you – you owe it to yourself to come to Ignite Your Life.

If you’re someone who has “tried everything,” or if it’s your first attempt – now it’s time to do what works.

You Could Be My Next

-Kalpana S.

I decided to attend Ignite Your Life because I felt stuck–stuck in my career, and stuck in dating men who seemed promising…only to disappear after 2-3 dates without a word.

Since attending IYL, I am no longer stuck. I am moving full-steam ahead and creating an incredible life that I’m excited and energized about. Oh, and I’m also in a pretty amazing relationship with a man who adores me.

I can’t believe how much my life has changed. I just pinch myself everyday. I’m living the life of my dreams.

My Business is going really well and I’m doing this while in a relationship…we’re having so much fun. He’s wonderful, and we’re creating a life together.

-Jennifer M.

-Julie S.

I am now in the healthiest, most committed relationship I’ve ever been in with a wonderful man. I have stronger family relationships and amazing growth in my career.

There are so many areas of my life that are successful beyond anything I could have imagined.

Get What You Want from Men:

love respect

Someone at Your Level Who Adores and Treasures You, Commitment and Connection!

By the end of this three-day transformational retreat, you will have the tools and know the exact steps you need to take to find love and create a fulfilled life where you feel like you are on fire in everything you do.

Why IYL Is Different Than Anything You’ve Ever Tried:

Our approach is different because we know that you can’t think your way out of your thoughts (or you would have already). An intellectual pursuit of love, full of over-thinking, rationalizing, and second-guessing… Does. Not. Work.

The problem is, most personal development programs, events, and retreats teach you mind tricks and rules to do things differently; but if in your heart you don’t feel fundamentally different, you’re not going to be able to maintain it. Your actions will feel forced and unnatural, and you’ll eventually revert back to your old ways.

That’s why you can take a class and the coach can say “Who cares if he doesn’t call? Don’t freak out…just go with the flow,” and it can make complete sense to you—until you’re in the moment. And then, all of a sudden, your knee-jerk reactions kick in and you start texting him, freaking out, and obsessing.

The Ignite Your Life 3 Day Process is different.

We focus on what other coaches ignore. It’s customized for adult learners, and it’s based on the most cutting-edge neuro and behavioral science. We change the components that matter so you actually FEEL different in your body. You’re not intellectually telling yourself not to care if that guy doesn’t call: you honestly don’t care because you FEEL and BELIEVE that you don’t have to care. You know he’s not the only guy you’re ever going to get.

This retreat is different because at the end of the weekend you’re going to know what it FEELS like to be a confident woman of value. You’ll possess the qualities great men always look for in the women they love: confidence and self-worth.

A woman who has not just vitality and success, but a woman who has the power and confidence to be vulnerable, open-hearted and authentic. A woman who is rejection proof. Feels comfortable in her own skin, even when the stakes are high and he is everything you want in a man.

Plus — and this is important — Dating with Dignity in general is different because it’s led by me—and I’ve been where you are. I’ve been married, I’ve been divorced, I’ve been in long-term relationships, and I’ve been single. I’ve been the tough girl, the co-dependent girl, the needy girl, and the party girl. Most importantly, I was the girl that didn’t believe she deserved love – and now the woman I was wouldn’t believe I could have a life this meaningful, fulfilled, sexy and fun.

When you come to the IYL retreat…

The best shortcut to knowledge is by learning from other people’s experiences, which you’ll get when you attend Ignite Your Life.

By being with other like-minded women who are leaders and high-achievers, women who are making a huge impact… you can learn from each other, support each other and propel each other forward. Other women will ask questions that you never thought of so that you’ll learn things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

This truly is priceless and will accelerate your growth and possibly even save you from making a future mistake.

These women all know that…

Being There Makes All

-Amanda D.

My work with Marni has deepened my relationship with myself, my family, and my boyfriend — whom I’m now engaged to!

I’ve learned to love myself and present myself to the world as an authentic, powerful, feminine woman who deserves to be seen, respected and loved unconditionally!

I tried dating, I joined online programs, I read books, I went to workshops and nothing worked for me.

Working with Marni… everything is different. I love myself 100%. My health is different. I am in a long-term committed relationship and I can’t wait to continue to create our lives together.

-Anya C.

-Angie H.

I had this idea that maybe love wasn’t really for me. But as I stand here today, I can tell you every single part of my life, every relationship that I have is deeper and richer already because of the work I did with Marni.

I really understood that I was somebody’s dream girl. Just like I am. I didn’t need to be different, I didn’t need to have anything else. And lo and behold, he turned up and that’s how he sees me. I am his dream girl.

day 1

your reveal day

the silver bullet*

Our secret “why am I still single” hack reveals exactly where and when you’re repelling the men you’re trying to attract so you can find love with a high-quality man quickly and easily (this is the stuff trapped in your sub-conscious).

This first portion of the event is devoted to showing you why nothing else you’ve tried has worked to change your love life AND what you need to do differently so you make sure our secret technology works for you.

By the end of this first day, you’ll understand why you’re single. And you’ll know what you need to do so that you attract a man who’s open, vulnerable, and committed—and whose words and actions match.

day 2

your release day

let it all go

Use Our Patented Dating Techniques to Stop Repelling the Very Men You’re Trying to Attract and Make Sure No Man Ever Disappears on You Again.

The second day of the event is devoted to showing you how to break your negative dating patterns that pop up and cause men to disappear and screw you over. Whatever your unique pattern is, this is the part of the event where you stop doing it—forever.

Plus an

Inside the Locker Room

Man Panel Event

The LIVE Ultimate Man Panel gives you an inside look at the minds of high-quality men as they reveal secrets no man will ever tell you…but want you to know!

our world famous 2

man panel!

We’ve hand-picked a panel of handsome, insightful and utterly truthful men to answer ANY question you have about men & dating!

Some women consider this the best part of the entire event.

Answers to women’s top questions about men and dating are REVEALED!

You'll learn:

And way more!

day 3

your rejuvenation

the "it girl"

Discover The Sexy Alpha-Femme Inside You And Develop the Rock Star Confidence so that You Date Great Men That Pursue You, Adore You and Fall In Love With You!

The final day of the event is devoted to showing you how to become the sexy alpha-femme “It Girl” whom high-quality men desire for love and a serious relationship. It’s about mastering the specific skills of Dating with Dignity during the Pandemic, being feminine, and being powerful so that you’re irresistible to men who are at your level right now. Because the truth is ladies, men don’t love bitches and The Rules was written in the 90’s. And, in case you are wondering, you CAN date during the pandemic and build a sustainable relationship in a way that is safe and fun. Things have changed, and it’s time for you to master the new rules.

You’ll learn how to become the Sexy Alpha Femme Who Has It All:

I'll see you there!




Frequently Asked Questions about

our retreat
First of all, Ignite Your Life is a Show in which you get to be both participant and the audience! Trust us, this isn’t going to be a long-ass 3 day zoom call (ugh, who wants to do that, and would we ever even be that bland and boring?! HELL NO!). This isn’t going to be a lecture-style event where you’re passively listening while you’re scrolling through social media. We are going to have fun, create massive breakthroughs in your love life, provide amazing INNOVATIVE opportunities for social interaction and community, and create deeper connections than you can even imagine possible! You’re going to feel energized, inspired, connected to a badass community, and entertained. But don’t just take it from me…here’s what our participants are saying from our last virtual event.
It felt so immersive you just completely forgot that you’re sitting in your living room or wherever you’re sitting by yourself because you really felt like you were connected into this community. You felt the energy coming through the screen. I was a hundred percent engaged the whole time. Everybody was. I think we all were blown away by how immersive it felt despite the fact that it was virtual. ~Courtney G.
I was so skeptical going into the virtual event because I’ve been on Zoom meetings and WebEx meetings 8 – 10 hours a day. From the start all my concerns were blown away. I was so happy. If you’re serious about personal growth, this is a team that delivers a program where you can see results from the work you put in. I really appreciated the weekend and it was a great experience. I’m so happy it turned out the way it did! ~Mary E.
Even though it was a virtual event, I really felt like I was there in person! I felt connected to everyone and Marni created this environment where I felt like we were all there together energetically and physically and that is absolutely incredible for a virtual event. My absolute favorite part was that the retreat was in my home. I’m usually in this little cocoon when I go to these Live Events and then I come home and everything is different. But this time the energy that was created was actually in my home and all the breakthroughs that happened happened here! Just do it. It will change your life just like it changed mine. ~Anya C.
A giant thank you to everybody who put on the event. It was absolutely incredible. I reinvented myself and I feel like I’m back on track. I felt like I was with my friends and I felt like I met a ton of new people. I’ve had several people ask me over the last few days about where I was and what I was doing and I just can’t say enough about it. I just want to say thank you. This was just one of the best things ever. Let’s do it again! ~Beth B.

Right now is actually one of the best times to find high-quality men looking for commitment and connection. The men and women dating online right now are mostly looking for the ‘real’ deal, meaning that those who were in it for hookups or something casual have mostly opted out.

High-quality men are looking for connection and the latest research confirms it.

A whopping 70% of the users on one of the top US dating sites are ready and open to digital dating! Bumble saw the usage of its in-house video call function spike by 93% and 70 percent of users on Hinge are up for a phone or video call right now.

And, because of the natural physical distance created by social distancing, you get to double down on the things that really create a true emotional connection – talking to each other without distraction, being open and vulnerable, and relying on authenticity, not just sexual chemistry.

The bottom line is, our clients are creating more connections right now with quality men than ever before.

If you’re not dating right now, or don’t know how to date right now, you’re missing out.

You might be thinking to yourself…

“I know I have a lot of inner work to do and I’m not sure I’m ready to date right now. Is this the right event for me?”

The short answer is, YES, it’s perfect. The Ignite Your Life 3 Day Process will transform you into the woman that men can’t resist so that when you are ready to get out there and date, you attract quality men and succeed like never before!

Imagine this – dating will be easy from the get-go. You will breeze through the process enjoying all the quality men pursuing you while your girlfriends will still be complaining that there are no good men online and that all the good guys are taken!

Even if you have no trouble attracting men, something you’re doing is turning them off without you realizing it. The IYL 3 Day Process eliminates those tendencies and you feel an inherent change in your body, heart and soul. You literally are different so the way men act and react to you is different, as if by magic.

As with anything in life, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Ignite Your Life is different from anything you’ve ever done.

We use a process approach that integrates research-based interventions that are highly experiential in nature so that beliefs, feelings, and behaviors are explored holistically (i.e., the whole self – somatic, emotional, intuitive, and cognitive). It is widely recognized by brain science research that new neurological pathways will only be “recorded” if multiple aspects of the self are involved.

The bottom line is this: Therapy and personal development is fabulous, but many of our clients report that our process has moved them forward in ways they have never experienced before. They are experiencing shifts that literally catapult them to NEW levels of happiness. Our clients have found boyfriends, long-term love, increased peace and fulfillment, more optimism, a new sense of hope and the day-to-day support they never received in therapy or other personal development programs.

AND, this is not an in person retreat, which is a GOOD thing. If you are thinking a virtual event won’t create breakthroughs or you WISH it were in person, guess what…

A study conducted in May, 2020 showed that non-traditional strategies to achieve goals add their own unique component into people’s lives. So, the research SHOWS that traditional means of transformation ALONE are not optimal.

We have created a way for you to leverage new strategies for creating transformation AND get into action around it to have the best outcomes for you!

Each year thousands of women attend our group programs and events. I’d say half claim they aren’t “group people.” And yet… they love the experience.

Ignite Your Life is perfect for you especially if you’re not a “group person.” And, because you are going to be participating from home, you will be able to take breaks to recharge your batteries! I’ve seen time and time again that the women who claim they’re not “group people” get the most out of the experience. The energy, engagement, and excitement at Ignite Your Life is seriously profound and unlike anything you could ever get on your own. It’s the experience of a lifetime, and each year women walk away from this event describing it as the moment that changed everything for them: the moment they learned their true worth and the moment that led them directly to the perfect man for them.

The fact that this event takes place over a three­ day weekend is precisely the reason why we can promise such profound results.

The distractions and stress of having to work: to run your business or professional life? These things are keeping you stuck in your romantic rut. During this weekend we simply take them out of the equation so you can focus on positive change.

Plus, what’s most important now, is that we are in a period of the Pandemic in which it is crucial to take what you have learned over the last five months and create a structured opportunity to create new thoughts and behaviors to make them stick. The data shows that without taking out time to do this work, our brains are wired to default back to old beliefs and habits. There has literally never been a better time in your life to make space to do this work.

Here’s the deal: research shows that if you don’t take action now to change your life, you probably never will.

That means you’ll be stuck with all the same problems you have right now—year after year. That’s what happens when you say things like “I can’t find the time” or “I can’t take off work.” If you want to keep making excuses, this event probably isn’t for you.

However, if you’re fed up with your situation and you want to take inspired action to change your life, you need to be at Ignite Your Life THIS YEAR—no matter how inconvenient it seems.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a quiet room, and your undivided attention 🙂

The Ignite Your Life LIVE

retreat is perfect

for you if...


Streaming Live On May 21 – 23, 2021

Start & End Times (all times below are in Pacific Time):

Please keep in mind, the schedule below is a general guide and is subject to slight changes.

Similar to an in-person retreat, there will be lunch breaks every day and plenty of breaks in between sessions to make sure you stay fresh and energized.

Friday, May 21st General Session: 8am - 4pm (PDT)
Saturday, May 22nd General Session: 8am - 4pm (PDT)
Saturday, May 22nd Evening “Man Panel": 5pm - 6:30pm (PDT)
Sunday, May 23rd General Session: 8am - 3:30pm (PDT)

All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

And, you need to be ready to play full out.

Attendees from ALL my events simply RAVE about the connection with real, smart, authentic, no-frills women. I attract a really powerful and amazing group of heart-centered, successful, strong women who are committed to transformation.

I'll see you there!




The One Question You Have to Answer Is:

Are You Ready to Say “YES!” to Finding

Let’s Recap What You’re Going to Get:

meet a few more

ignite your life



Since working with you, I am in the best relationship I have ever been in -- and in seven months we're getting married in Aruba!

I used to be the girl who had the wall up so high that nobody was able to get close me. I've come a long way from the scared, unsure girl who first started working with you, and I'm with the most loving, trustworthy, kind man: the man of my dreams!


I came to you in the midst of a breakup, the end of yet another destructive relationship on the heels of divorce. I met the love of my life within three months of beginning work with you, and now we're moving in together and joining our lives...I'm staying with you, Marni.


I have great news! I got engaged this Sunday! Thanks so much for all you help this past year. I'm super happy!


I am for the first time in my life enterring into a relationship with a high-quality man who adores me and who I am adoring in return (So exciting)!

I am starting my own business, and I am the happiest and most confident I have ever been in my life.

I'll see you there!




About our

Why did we choose this organization and what does it mean to us?

It is important to me that as a generation of women, The Institute for Living Courageously and our clients continue to stand behind supporting young girls and women who are living in vulnerable situations and are not given the same economic opportunities that we may have been given in the United States. The pandemic has proven to disproportionately and negatively affect developing countries, such as Uganda, where the GirlNow Foundation programs are run. We are proud to continue to support girls and young women at GirlNow Foundation as our beneficiary for 2021 and are excited to provide you with this amazing opportunity!

What girlnow foundation is all about and how it began

In November 2016, Joan Nabatanzi, a young Ugandan girl who grew up in the rural areas of Luwero district met Marni’s 25 year old daughter, Kloey, a young American girl passionate about girls’ rights and leadership. While Joan struggled to achieve her education as a girl living with only a mother, Kloey was privileged to grow up with her needs met in the US. Together, Joan and Kloey launched GirlNow Foundation after the egregious impact of the COVID-19 crisis negatively affecting Ugandan communities. Joan and Kloey identified the need to advance educational and economic opportunities for young women and adolescent girls in Uganda and eventually around the world.

How you can get involved

Click here to make a donation of any amount. All donations are tax deductible. (this will link to the GirlNow Foundation donation page).