Attendee Etiquette - How to Have a 7th Level Experience at The Show!

Ready to have a 7th level experience at The Show? Please review our Attendee Etiquette and confirm you’ve reviewed it by submitting the form at the bottom of this page! 

Webcam Etiquette:  With most virtual events, video is one-way.  This makes it harder for the host, as well as other attendees.  We ask that you enable your webcam during this event, as your speakers will be able to see you, and feel your energy, making these three days one of the most fun and valuable experiences you’ve EVER been a part of.  

PS – Be aware of your surroundings (for example, if you need to use the restroom during the live sessions, and you take your computer with you so you can still hear us, be sure to turn off your audio and video 🙂

How to Ask for Help: You can speak with our team any time during event times and breaks by accessing the Help Desk. Whether you have a logistics question, or have a question for Christine or Jordan, or need to schedule a time to speak with Marni, Sherrie, or Tessa, all you have to do is click through to the Help Desk and someone from our team will be there to speak with you.

Be Present: Being present is the best gift you can give yourself! Make sure to really “listen” to the speakers. Resist the urge to take tons of notes (versus listening for and capturing big takeaways). Keep your phone on “do not disturb” and turn your email notifications off to avoid distractions.

Bring Your Best You: Over the next three days it’s important to take care of yourself. Listen to your body. Be your best self. Reduce alcohol consumption in the evenings so you get restful sleep. Eat healthy and stay hydrated. Plan ahead to have snacks on hand.

Arrive On Time and Stay on Schedule: This is not a regular virtual event, webinar, or tele-summit. This is a live virtual experience, and for you to get the maximum ROI (plus support your fellow participants) you need to be with us in order to make the most of it! YOU are an important part of the experience. Now, more than ever before, we are counting on you to be present. There are no replays, so make sure to block the time on your calendar and join us for all sessions over the course of these 3 days.

Clarity: Less clutter, more clarity. We believe the less clutter, the easier it is to learn. Keep your workspace tidy and comfortable.

With that in mind, here is a checklist to run through to make sure you are getting the most out of The Show!

  • Keep your camera on.
  • Do not drive.
  • Do not take your exercise walk or walk your dog while we are in session. Plan that for before or after!
  • Turn off your screen and mute if you are in the restroom, cooking, cleaning, talking to someone or on the phone (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway!)
  • Have the dashboard tab open and bookmark it so it’s easy to find.
  • Respect Confidentiality.
  • Speak in the first person, from your own experience (use “I” statements)
  • Be here with the shared intention of doing your as an individual
  • Be on time – be two minutes early 😀
  • Listen, and be respectful of others.
  • Avoid trying to fix, heal, or convert others.
  • Give support rather than advice.
  • Practice inclusiveness. Avoid exclusivity. (In breakouts if you get the same people, then you do! Continue to be curious, open and inclusive.)
  • Participation in Main Group: Use your popup signs to communicate and affirm your Yes/No/?!
  • Participation in Breakout Rooms: When you are in a breakout you need to participate. No deferring. Use all of your time.
  • Be responsible for your self-care and reduce care-taking of others.
  • Know how you will take care of yourself with the emotions of others (i.e., if you get triggered by someone’s situation or story).
  • Be emotionally present in the group.
  • Practice compassion for all group members.
  • Trust the Process (we have one). Trust us. Trust yourself.
  • This retreat is a sacred space
  • Approach everything from the view of “how could this apply to me?”

Before you leave, make sure to confirm that you’ve read this by filling out the form below!

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