In our Living Courageously Elite (“LCE”) experience you will...

  • Accelerate your journey to loving yourself deeply, creating the dream life that you are absolutely in love with, and being in an intimate, loving, romantic relationship with your ideal partner. You will do this in a setting that provides unparalleled advanced training, support, accountability, and structure…and make these BIG leaps with an intimate community of like-minded, bad ass women!
  • Create an immediate, life-changing upward spiral to be your best, most-authentic self, which will impact ALL areas of your life — at home, at work, in your relationships, and at play — with consistent hands-on deep dive coaching from our powerful team of experts.
  • Fulfill on creating your dream life in the shortest time possible by focusing on results in a way that feels effortless and fun and achieving performance goals with a Mastery Orientation.
  • Experience more intimacy, connection, fun as well as celebration in a high-level experience that provides you increased consistent access to our entire DWD team.
  • Solidify your self-worth and power — in any situation you encounter — through mastering the skills of resiliency, communication, femininity, sensuality/sexuality, intimacy, and general bad-assery so that it all feels as natural as breathing.

We have created this LCE experience with a singular focus — to help you create RESULTS in your life in the next 12 months that you never thought were possible.

This is how the LCE experience works to create MASSIVE results quickly.

  • High level access to Marni and our team of experts on a weekly basis, like we’ve never offered before, so that you have focused weekly accountability, coaching, support, feedback and help on the critical (I can’t eff this up) type of topics that matter to you most day-to-day. For those in relationship you will have customized support on topics such as blending your life with his, creating your new identity as a woman in partnership, navigating conflict, creating a shared vision, and having greater depth and understanding of your man. For our members who are dating and need support with topics such as online dating challenges, flirting online and offline, nonverbal and verbal communication, or what to wear to make that lasting first impression … we have you covered. And for all of our clients, we will support you in applying the concept of femininity and vulnerability in your real life experiences; managing fear, anxiety, overwhelm and that stubborn Gremlin; and all of the areas in which you want someone who knows you well to hold your hand and give you the coaching and advice you need to reach your goals.
  • We get you and we know you. As always, LCE promises an intimate setting which enables us to provide dedicated focus on you, your specific goals, and the details of your life, ensuring that you face each and every challenge with the highest level of support. In addition, you will have a team of coaches who specialize in a variety of key areas necessary to create an EPIC life, working together on your behalf to help you achieve your goals.
  • Private Coaching * included and required for everyone * that will focus on achieving your performance goals with a mastery orientation. During these powerful sessions you will make sure that you move forward to have the optimal mindset, heartset, and skillset in a way that meets your unique needs and goals (across dating, relationships, career, leadership, etc.). Your coach will work with you to track specific goals so that you accomplish everything you want to create within your year with us. Each month you will be held accountable through our tracking system to make sure you stay on course.
  • Mastery orientation and advanced skills and experiences will be incorporated into every single piece of the program so that your performance results are tripled with more ease, grace, joy, and fun!
  • 100 million percent 1-1 support, intimacy, connection, sharing, accountability, and results. Each woman in the community will be committed to achieving their goals and our team will be as committed to your outcomes. We will hold your hand every step of the way, provide unparalleled support, and you will be surrounded only by women who are going to implement, stretch, grow, and expand so that their biggest dream is fulfilled.

LCE is for you if ...

  • You are 100 percent committed to living your vision and creating your dream life NOW. This can include creating an uplevel in your career, achieving health goals, AND creating an epic intimate relationship.
  • You are ready to be decisive because you know that what you want and need is accountability, intimacy, and access to Marni and the rest of the team at a high level because you are ready to implement and make a leap, wherever you are in the journey. The idea of being at a plateau scares you, and you want to keep the momentum going to stay on track and out of your own way.
  • You are coachable — you want to see what you can’t see and are willing to be uncomfortable, stretch, and grow.
  • You are ready to implement on a daily basis and be mindful of your vision 100 percent of the time so that you achieve the life of your dreams.
  • You want to learn all that MASTERY has to offer so that you can consistently live each day in levels 6 and 7 in a way that feels effortless and don’t want to leave any stone unturned in how you spend your lifetime.
  • You are ready to be seen, vulnerable, and participate fully so you can live life at your highest potential.
  • You are ready to take 100 percent self-responsibility for your results so that we can serve you at the highest level possible.
  • You are resourceful. You know that for the committed there is always a way to make your dreams become your real life and you are ready to make a new commitment to yourself to get that outcome now.

This group is intimate so that we can serve each member of our community at the highest level possible. Small retreats mean more time to deep dive and time for 1-1 coaching in the group. LCE is for the women who are ready to SOAR and do not want to live anything less than an ELITE life and are ready to start on their journey NOW.

Here’s How LCE Will Help You Create The Life You Love

  • 2 ADVANCED, MASTERY LEVEL LCE Retreats: Combining Mastery Level strategies with the latest transformational techniques based on neurobiology and YOUR needs, we will lay the groundwork for your exciting new life while teaching you the skills you need to live a fully expressed, optimal life. With this intimate setting you will move through processes and experiences with greater depth and focus, learn advanced skills and techniques, receive more time and attention from our team of experts, and be held accountable to push through limitations and fears.
  • Weekly Accountability, Coaching, and Support with…
  • 2 Q and A Coaching Calls per month: You will have weekly coaching support, not only with Marni, but also with experts on our team so that you have direct access on a consistent basis to help you with your specific challenges. Whether it is support in your relationship with our relationship coach, Ed McClune, help with “feelings” mastery working with our Breakthrough coach, Sherrie Toews, a deep dive into understanding Karma and intuition with our Director of Training, Tessa Alburn, or a powerful session diving deep into flirting and your dating image with Kim Seltzer, our ENTIRE team will guide you to ensure that you stay on track weekly to ensure consistency, accountability and results.
  • 1 Gateway Coaching Call per month: Learning and applying all the skills and concepts of Mastery through the Gateways will enable you to quickly catapult your success. Each month you will learn new Mastery strategies and receive in-depth coaching to apply these principles in all areas of your life. The goal is to be able to live your life in levels 6/7 consistently and experience effortless power, joy, and fulfillment.
  • 1 Implementation Lab per month: During these focused labs you’ll get direct training and coaching from our highly skilled Master Coaches on topics such as Time Management and Creating Life Balance; Busting through Romantic Ruts; Online Dating; Flirting and the Art of Pursuit; Feminine Communication; Creating Vulnerability, Sharing and Giving Up Control; and Deepening Intuition.
    Focus On An Area of Specialization to help you increase your energetic capacity and results in the areas career and your purpose or your health and wellbeing. These monthly implementation and accountability coaching calls with your focus track group will ensure that you have the structure to live courageously to really have it all.
  • 10 Private Coaching Sessions with a Master Coach: 10 one-on-one private coaching sessions with a DWD Master Coach. You will get monthly, in-depth, intuitive, strategic, and structured coaching from your highly trained Master Coach. On these 50-minute private calls, you will be held accountable and confront resistance so you can realize your vision for your life and your relationships at lightning speed.
  • 10 LCE Training Modules and Comprehensive Reflective Journal: In LCE, the entire program is advanced. Marni and Tessa and our entire team will walk you, step by step, through the proven Find Love Now Formula. Through exercises, written reflection, and group work, each carefully crafted module will take you through the intricate LCE process to reveal, release, and rejuvenate to help you fall in love with yourself and a high-quality man who loves you back.
  • LCE Online Facebook Community for Real Time Advice and Support: The latest research in brain development and transformation proves that social support and positive feedback rewires neural pathways in the most efficient way possible. In addition to receiving the usual coaching and support from Marni in Facebook, you will also be given specific assignments throughout your year that require you to share and post in our online community. No matter your schedule or location, you will thus be actively involved in creating growth by accessing Marni’s inspiration and teachings, downloading past and current coaching calls, and being connected to your vision 24/7.

Your Investment...

The current investment for new LCE members is $43,000.  Your investment if you enroll by 3pm on Sunday is $37,000 via payment plan, or $32,000 if you pay in full (a deposit would be processed today and we will follow up to arrange for the balance.)

Living Courageously Elite

Pay In Full
$ 32k pay in full
  • $3k Deposit Today to Enroll
full pay

Living Courageously Elite

Payment Plan
$ 3083 12 monthly pmts
  • Make your first monthly payment to enroll
PMt Plan

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