The Innovation Show - General Schedule

We know you’ve been asking for the schedule for The Innovation Show… so here it is 🙂

Please keep in mind, the schedule below is a guide so you can plan your day according to our start times, end times, and lunch breaks.

Similar to an in-person retreat, there will also be plenty of additional breaks in between sessions. And, similar to an in-person retreat, we reserve the right to make slight alterations.

It’s important to trust the process as we’ll be making decisions with your best interests and outcomes in mind.

Please skip the urge to multi-task or do other things while we are in session. Stay with us. Stay in flow. Sessions build upon one another, so plan to be present for all. To miss a little is to miss a lot!

Lastly, please be sure to plan snacks, food, and hydration for your lunch and breaks.

** Please Note, All Times Listed Below are in PACIFIC TIME **

Friday, June 26th

Saturday, June 27th

Sunday, June 28th

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