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** Please review the details of our Trailblazers program below prior to your call with Sherrie **

In our Living Courageously Trailblazers experience you will...

  • Accelerate your journey to loving yourself deeply, creating the dream life that you are absolutely in love with, and being in an intimate, loving, romantic relationship with your ideal partner.
  • Raise your D-Factor, release inner blocks, heal your past, and step into your New Who – your most authentic, confident, open-hearted self that quality men find irresistible.
  • Solidify your self-worth and power — in any situation you encounter — through mastering the skills of resiliency, communication, femininity, sensuality/sexuality, intimacy, and general bad-assery so that you can love and live courageously and be the woman who has it all: career, fulfillment, purpose and LOVE with an amazon man who is your equal.
  • Remain consistently accountable to your vision through experienced training, coaches and mentors over a one year period to make BIG leaps with an intimate community of like-minded, bad ass women!
  • Create an immediate, life-changing upward spiral to accomplish more and create more abundance with less effort than ever before as your best, most-authentic self.
  • Create consistent HIGH impact in ALL areas of your life — at home, at work, in your relationships, and at play — with consistent hands-on deep dive coaching from our powerful team of experts.
  • Fulfill on creating your dream life in the shortest time possible by focusing on results in a way that feels effortless and fun and achieving performance goals with a Mastery Orientation.
  • Experience more intimacy, connection, and fun while you work toward achieving your goals

We have created this TRAILBLAZERS experience with a singular focus — to help you create RESULTS in your life in the next 12 months that you never thought were possible.

This is how the TRAILBLAZERS experience works to create MASSIVE results quickly.

  • TEN Living Life in LEVEL 7 Deep Dive Trainings to increase your AVERAGE LEVEL of RESONATE energy and build skills in the areas of relationship, communication, spirituality, leadership, wealth creation and health). (100 percent of our clients over the last decade have raised their Dfactor scores engaging in this process)
  • Twice a month OBSTACLE CRUSHING coaching calls for a FULL YEAR with our MASTER coaches. When self-doubt sets in, life pulls you off track, and you feel stuck and unable to take action, our Master Coaches will have your back, lift you higher and support you every step of the way!  One coaching call will be with your circle of 10-12 ladies and one will be with the full Trailblazers community.
  • Spiritual Mentorship with Marni. Develop a meditation and spiritual practice throughout your journey in Trailblazers through a series of specific meditation techniques Marni has used with her highest level private clients. (You will focus on one each month and they build on each other.) As a result of this process you will begin to generate higher levels of energy to manifest the life of your dreams effortlessly.
  • Living Courageously TRAILBLAZERS ONLY Private Facebook Community for Real Time Advice and Support from your MASTER COACHES. The latest research in brain development and transformation proves that social support and positive feedback rewires neural pathways in the most efficient way possible. In addition to receiving the usual coaching and support. No matter your schedule or location, you will thus be actively involved in creating growth by accessing past and current coaching calls, and being connected to your vision 24/7.
  • For those in relationship you will have customized support on topics such as blending your life with his, creating your new identity as a woman in partnership, navigating conflict, creating a shared vision, and having greater depth and understanding of your man.
  • For our members who are dating and need support with topics such as online dating challenges, flirting online and offline, nonverbal and verbal communication, or what to wear to make that lasting first impression … we have you covered.
  • And for all of our clients, we will support you in applying the concept of femininity and vulnerability in your real life experiences; managing fear, anxiety, overwhelm and that stubborn Gremlin; and all of the areas in which you want someone who knows you well to hold your hand and give you the coaching and advice you need to reach your goals.
  • We get you and we know you. As always, LCE TRAILBLAZERS promises an intimate setting which enables us to provide dedicated focus on you, your specific goals, and the details of your life, ensuring that you face each and every challenge with the highest level of support.
  • 100 million percent support, intimacy, connection, sharing, accountability, and results. Each woman in the community will be committed to achieving their goals and our team will be as committed to your outcomes. We will hold you to the highest version of yourself with you and you will be surrounded only by women who have the intention to implement, stretch, grow, and expand so that their biggest dream is fulfilled.

LC Trailblazers is for you if ...

  • You are 100 percent committed to living your vision and creating your dream life NOW. This can include creating an uplevel in yourself as a leader, in your career or purpose or family, achieving health goals, AND creating an epic intimate relationship.
  • The idea of being at a plateau and not being held accountable to show up scares you, and you want to keep the momentum going to stay on track and out of your own way.
  • You are coachable — you want to see what you can’t see and are willing to be uncomfortable, stretch, and grow.
  • You are ready to implement on a daily basis and be mindful of your vision 100 percent of the time so that you achieve the life of your dreams.
  • You want to learn all that MASTERY has to offer so that you can consistently live each day in levels 6 and 7 in a way that feels effortless and don’t want to leave any stone unturned in how you spend your lifetime.
  • You are ready to be seen, vulnerable, and participate fully so you can live life at your highest potential.
  • You are ready to take 100 percent self-responsibility for your results so that we can serve you at the highest level possible.
  • You are resourceful. You know that for the committed there is always a way to make your dreams become your real life and you are ready to make a new commitment to yourself to get that outcome now.

This group is intimate so that we can serve each member of our community at the highest level possible. LCE TRAILBLAZERS is for the women who are ready to take action and will follow through on implementation so that they can SOAR!

Your Investment...

The regular investment for new LC Trailblazers members is $20,000.  However, we are offering a discount to our graduate community, which brings the investment down to $15,000 via payment plan, or $12,000 if you pay in full (a $3k deposit would be processed and we will follow up to arrange for the balance.)

LC Trailblazers

$12k Total Investment
$ 3000 deposit today
  • Make a $3k deposit today and a team member will contact you to coordinate the remaining $9k balance!
full pay

LC Trailblazers

$15k Total Investment
$ 1250 12 monthly pmts
  • Make your first monthly payment to enroll and get started!
PMt Plan

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