Thanks for your RSVP! You've secured your spot for your Community VIP Day! If you want to add on to your experience and extend your stay through the weekend, you can register for our "Plug Into Your Superpower" retreat below!

Ladies! We’re excited to announce we’ve moved our Summer Retreat to be In October and IN PERSON!  With the world opening back up, this is your opportunity to open up your heart, connect with a powerful community of like-minded women, and take your life to the next level.

The Retreat will be held on October 29th through 31st, at Chautauqua in Boulder, Colorado.

And, since you’ve RSVP’d for your Community VIP Day on October 28th and will already be with us in person, you can add on to your experience by registering for “Plug Into Your Superpower.” 

This is our official “homecoming” to bring our community of clients and grads back together so we can work with you again in person, breakthrough any obstacles that are holding you back, and create quantum leaps in the areas of your life that matter most:

  • Make more money
  • Create more intimacy and connection
  • Feel more fulfilled on a daily basis
  • Work less and have more at the same time

If you’re ready to plug into your very own superpower, the massive strength and beauty and genius you have within… AND access this Level 7 energy whenever you need to, whether it’s for a date, a difficult conversation, or a presentation at work … so that you can create a life with no restrictions, a life beyond your wildest dreams…

Join us in person for our “homecoming” retreat for our grads and clients –   Plug Into Your Superpower: How To Be More, Do More, And Have More, With Less Effort, Less Stress, and More Fun!

This is advanced material that we can’t cover in our Living Courageously Trailblazers and Elite curriculum.

There are two options for registering:

Option #1 – register for the retreat for $997.

Option #2 – register for the Retreat + Private Coaching Bundle, and in addition to attending the retreat in person, you can add on 3 Private Coaching Sessions (50 Minutes each) with Sherrie or Tessa to use over the next three months leading up to the retreat. The Retreat + Private Coaching Bundle is $2,500 (saving you over $500 off the regular coaching rates).


When Is The Event Being Held?

Your Community VIP Day with Marni is on Thursday October 28th.

The “Plug Into Your Superpower” retreat is being held October 29th through October 31st.

Where Is The Event Being Held?

Both the Community VIP Day and the “Plug Into Your Superpower” retreat are being held at Chautauqua in Boulder, CO

Where Do I Fly Into?

The closest airport is Denver International Airport.

How Do I Book a Room?

Once you register, we will send you a link to book your room at Chautauqua.

Have additional questions? Email VIP@datingwithdignity.com

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