The Dating Den Podcast

The podcast is AUDIO only and recorded over Skype. Marni will contact you at the time of podcast and it shouldn’t last more than 30 – 45 minutes.

Recording Requirements:

  • Skype: (in an effort to create the highest quality audio production, we use recording equipment for Skype)
  • Headphones

**If you already have a USB microphone or equivalent computer connected audio device, please feel free to use it!

Connecting to the Studio:

  • Please add live:e048f9978e544e3f (Marni’s Skype address) to your contacts in Skype
  • Connect your headphones
  • Be sure you are in a quiet place! This is a podcast recording, so we want to avoid any background noise whenever possible.


  • If you are wearing any jewelry such as bracelets that rattle, necklaces that might brush up on your microphone, or earrings, please consider removing them for the interview
  • Try to be close to your microphone and in an echo-free environment. For example, a laptop microphone in a conference room isn’t’ ideal. An alternative would be your cell phone’s earbuds in a small office space or quiet room.

*In the event that you are not able to connect via Skype, you can reach Marni at:

Phone: (310) 880-2476

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