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Episode 91


Tripp Lanier

45-Year-Old Boys, Why Some Men Can’t Grow Up

Episode 91

45-Year-Old Boys, Why Some Men Can’t Grow Up


Tripp Lanier

Dating Den Episode 91 – With Tripp Lanier: 45-Year-Old Boys, Why Some Men Can’t Grow Up

Does it feel like you’re stuck being single, waiting… sitting at home on Friday night, in your ‘comfy, cozy, condo’ watching Netflix?

Waiting for the right man to magically appear…

And your life could suddenly be like a romantic comedy, with your own handsome leading man?

The problem is that there are so few leading men out there.

They might look the part. They look all grown up. They’ve got the body, the looks, the beard…

But the truth is, most ‘leading men’ out there, are more like boys.

So how do you tell the difference between a real man, and man/boy?

The Host of the New Man Podcast, Tripp Lanier joins Marni to tell us how we can finally learn how to understand men!

Tripp coaches people to start doing what they were put on this earth to do. He is a self-proclaimed Personal Development Jackass. He imparts the truth today so listen up ladies.

Why Do We Still Act Like Children When We Should Be Mature by Now? [3:19]

The acting like a child mentality is not specific to men, women can be guilty of this too. It stems from our childhoods.

We come into this world completely helpless. Someone else nurtures us when we cry, bitch and moan. And, some of us never get past that.

If this is a pattern we all fall into, how do we recognize it and snap out of it? Tripp says, taking full responsibility for our own actions based on the kind of relationships we want can be a big step in the right direction.

The hard part for most people is they attract a certain type of person based on the type of person they are.

If you attract someone who needs fixing, you may have a need to be in control. If you want to attract the kind of person you desire in your life you may need to open up and be vulnerable.

Do Quality Guys Wait Around for a Woman to Open Up and Be Trusting? [10:51]

Men find walled-up women painful to be with. It doesn’t feel good to them to be with someone whose heart is closed. Only guys looking for a project will date fixer-uppers, the rest will go home with the fun, flirty type of girl.

When dating, are you being playful, accessible, and do you take risks? Or, are you trying to be safe and control the situation?

Just be yourself is age-old and sage advice but it’s the best way to enter a relationship.

Is He Relationship Ready? [17:32]

There is no telltale sign that a guy is ready for a relationship. Tripp says when the dynamic is right then a guy is ready. It’s not aforethought. He doesn’t think “OK, today I will find someone to have a relationship with.”

Men want to be loved and appreciated for who they truly are. And wants to feel alive in a relationship.

Why Do Men Ghost or Refuse to Commit? [21:52]

Men are humans and as humans, they fear discomfort and pain. When faced with an uncomfortable task, like calling someone to say they are not interested, they avoid it. That is why men ghost.

There is no winning when we make assumptions about someone.

If your guy refuses to commit or never brings the subject of commitment up, Tripp says he probably just doesn’t like you enough to commit.

Ladies, don’t block yourself from having a great man by putting him in a box before you really get to know him.

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