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Episode 25


Mike Goldstein

A Proven Strategy for How To Find A Boyfriend In Less Than 7 Dates (This Is For Real!)

Episode 25

A Proven Strategy for How To Find A Boyfriend In Less Than 7 Dates (This Is For Real!)


Mike Goldstein

Dating Den Episode 25 – With Mike Goldstein: A Proven Strategy for How To Find A Boyfriend In Less Than 7 Dates (This Is For Real!)

I know you ladies have a love-hate relationship with online dating. And, most of you hate it. So, I decided to bring Michael Goldstein to give us some tips! Michael is a successful private dating coach, public speaker and author. He has been on the Today Show as well as featured on Reader’s Digest, Star Ledger, Shape Magazine and

Michael says you can meet YOUR guy only after 6-8 dates.

Which Online Dating Site is the Best? [2:04]

Michael loves OkCupid if it is used in conjunction with his system. He says the algorithm gives you a match percentage of the available guys and if it’s 90% or higher chances are you will have a great conversation on your date.

6 Points to the Perfect Profile Picture [7:04]

Have a solo photo.

Make sure the photo is square.

Make your face 8-15% of the picture.

Tell a story through your photos.

Use as many photos as possible.

80% of your photos should be stunning.

Be honest with yourself when evaluating your profile.

Get to the Date as Soon as Possible [18:58]

It’s not necessary to flirt online. Michael says pull the trigger and ask the guy for a date. If you send a man a message to ask for a date you could be his only message all week from the site. He is going to pay attention.

Put This in Your Profile [22:45]

This is the most important online dating advice you will ever be given. Tell stories and be specific in your profile! Michael says women should make their descriptions 3-5 sentences and give men hints as to what to message you about.

Find Love Efficiently [33:11]

If you are looking for love don’t use Bumble or Tinder. If you want to find your perfect guy, message 50 guys who have a 90% or higher match rate and you would rate them above a 4 on your attractiveness scale, in 20 minutes. Pick the best two responses and go out on a date. If you get a response you are not sure of, ask the guy to pick up the phone. If you are still not sure who to respond to follow these 3 steps.

Read the profile.

Check the match percentage.

Pay attention to the message.

95% of the messages women receive from men will not be intriguing.

Make a Connection with Marni:

Make a Connection With Mike Goldstein


“Women get 5-10 emails from dating sites a day. Men a mere 1 or 2 a week.”

“Michael Goldstein is about finding love efficiently.”

“Do what the top 5% of successful online daters do to find your perfect man.”

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