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Episode 106


Mary Ann Halpin

Are Your Online Photos Killing Your Game? Do’s and Don’ts To Be a High-Quality Man Magnet

Episode 106

Are Your Online Photos Killing Your Game? Do’s and Don’ts To Be a High-Quality Man Magnet


Mary Ann Halpin

Dating Den Episode 106 – With Mary Ann Halpin: Are Your Online Photos Killing Your Game? Do’s and Don’ts To Be a High-Quality Man Magnet

Are you putting your best foot forward with your photos online?

Are your online dating photos the right ones to attract the high-quality guys you want to date?

Do you want to turn your profile into a magnet so that your inbox is FLOODED with emails from quality men (and automatically weeds out the ‘Hunters’)?!

If so, this episode is for you!

Marni welcomes photographer extraordinaire, Mary Ann Halpin to the Den today to discuss how a professional photo shoot can transform your online presence and boost your personal brand. Mary Ann is an acclaimed photographer and speaker who facilitates workshops based in Los Angeles, California. Her goal behind the lens is to capture inner beauty in a way that creates outer beauty.

Why Professional Photos are Essential Online [2:51]

Marni reminds us that having awesome online photos is the best way to get the most attention and what attracts the best men. People can feel the energy of a photo. And, if the energy doesn’t project what they are looking for they will pass right by it and move on to the next. The great thing about professional portraiture is it captures the energy you are projecting.

The old adage — The eyes are the window to the soul — is true. Making sure your true, authentic self is relayed in your photo is essential to finding the right guy for you.

Fun shots can be, fun but they may not portray the real you.

Questions to Ask Before Booking a Shoot [7:36]

Do you want to know the most important question to ask yourself before having your photos professionally done?

Are you trying to attract the love of your life?

Mary Ann reminds us professional photos are an investment in the rest of your life. And that there are FOUR important things to know before choosing your photographer.

Putting Your Best Self Forward as a Fearless Woman [24:55]

Marianne says, “It’s always endearing to hear someone laughing at themselves. Good energy is contagious.” She believes women should fear less and love more. You can allow the judgment and fear of having your image captured to be debilitating or you can stand aside and let fear pass you by.
What we believe about ourselves is true and our words have power.
Give yourself permission to go for it. You have the right to find your ideal guy, so put your best self out there online to make sure you get him.
Photo Don’ts:
Don’t Force It — Be Natural
Don’t Be Critical
Don’t Mistrust the Photographer
Don’t Beat Yourself Up
Don’t Show Up Hungover or Tired
Your online image is you showing your soul out in the virtual space. Make all the pieces come together in online dating. True intimacy and connection will only come when two souls connect and the right photo can help you connect.
Your lovability will shine through in your images to attract the right person for you.

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