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Episode 78


Denny Waxman

Busting Food Fad Myths: Things You Can Eat That Can Reverse Aging For Real

Episode 78

Busting Food Fad Myths: Things You Can Eat That Can Reverse Aging For Real


Denny Waxman

Dating Den Episode 78 – With Denny Waxman: Busting Food Fad Myths: Things You Can Eat That Can Reverse Aging For Real

As you’ve gotten older, do you struggle to eat the right food and maintain your weight…

Do you try to be healthy with your meal choices, but end up falling off the wagon and going down the road of eating till you feel full…?

As we get older our bodies change, take longer to break down food so it gets harder to keep weight off.

But you already know that.

So the question for many women becomes… “What can I eat and not feel like I’m starving if I want to look and feel younger?”

Great news!

In the den today we have health expert Denny Waxman, who talks about how to integrate a healthy, time-proven macrobiotic diet into your existing lifestyle.

Denny is a global leader in macrobiotic education. Through the Strengthening Institute he has researched the diets of humans throughout history. The one consistent reality he found in past civilizations is easily digestible whole grains and vegetables are the keys to a healthy diet.

Denny is an internationally recognized Teacher, Counselor, and Writer on health, natural healing and macrobiotics, He has empowered thousands of clients with the ability to overcome a variety of health issues including low energy and infertility. He also works with people who have cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and obesity.

What is a Macrobiotic Diet? [2:53]

When Denny’s team researched eating patterns from all over the world every culture had similarities. People have always subsisted on grains, beans, fruits and mushrooms. And, since human bodies run on glucose we need carbs. There are healthy, unrefined carbohydrates that are friendly to the body but you may not find them in a pastry.

When people say macrobiotics is a fad diet it false because it is the only way of eating that is not a fad. It’s simply recorded history.

Grain eating people everywhere on the planet are thin.

Mindful Self Care Winds Back Our Biological Clock [5:45]

With a healthy diet and lifestyle practices we can literally turn back our biological clocks. If we take care of our body’s largest organ, our skin, when it renews itself every month it will serve us well for many, many years. One practice Denny recommends is rubbing the skin gently with a warm cloth to enhance circulation.

Date Foods to Reduce Bloating [19:04]

It seems to go against everything we hear in the media today but Denny says traditional Italian primavera pasta, salads, soups, and mexican foods are the best options to order on a date. Why? Because they digest easily and don’t cause that yucky bloated feeling.

When in doubt, start with a soup. Soup activates digestion and can smooth the digestive process. Plus it’s filling so we feel satisfied.

Healthy foods have complete and balanced nourishment. Healthy habits beget healthy habits!

But I’m too Busy to Cook, What Can I Do to Be Healthier? [23:17]

It’s better overall to slow down and cook a healthy meal but busy women don’t always have the time. Denny says there are healthy restaurant options, canned, organic beans, and fresh take-out options.

Healthy food choices include:

  • Miso Soup
  • Raw, organic sauerkraut
  • Umeboshi Plums

The modern lifestyle and most of our food choices are acidic. This can cause unnecessary stress in our bodies. When we alkalize our bodies with healthy food options we feel clearer, positive and energetic.

It takes a little effort to be healthier, but it is totally worth it.

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