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Dating Den Episode 174 - Coaching Monica: Is Your Online Dating Process Keeping You Single?


Dating Den Episode 174 - Coaching Monica: Is Your Online Dating Process Keeping You Single?



Dating Den Episode 174 – Coaching Monica: Is Your Online Dating Process Keeping You Single?

Marni reached out to her Facebook group to find someone who is actively dating online but not getting the desired results. Monica responded. She is on two different dating apps but receives very few responses. Those who do respond end up ghosting her. Marni provides her with quick fixes and tips on how to increase the amount of dates she gets and elevate the quality of her dating experiences.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Tips for a better online dating profile
  • Verbiage in your profile you should change now
  • Why professional photos are important
  • The right mindset for creating your online profile

I’m a Successful Woman, Why Am I Not Getting Dates? [2:21]

Monica is a successful film-industry professional who is winding down her career. She is having difficulty finding love again after her divorce. She did have one 8-month relationship since then, but it ended in heartbreak. She says she just wants to go on a damn date. Like many successful women, Monica has done the personal development work and is serious about finding a partner to share life with.

Monica spends 20-30 minutes every morning checking her dating apps and responding to messages. She has telephone conversations but hasn’t had a first date in 6 months. On top of that, she only went out on 4 dates in 2019. She says she gets ghosted a lot.

Building a Better Online Dating Profile [6:22]

Marni dissects Monica’s current online dating profile pointing out tips for improvement in the first paragraph. She points out that Monica is a little too much in her masculine and if she was interviewing for a job all of her points are valid, BUT she is not looking for a job she is looking for a relationship.

Reread your online dating profile. What would a strong, high-quality guy think about it?

Quick Fixes for Your Dating Profile:

  1. The first sentence is really important! Describe yourself and be clear about what your guy is like.
  2. Get into a wise/soft/empowered state of mind.
  3. Remember you have 30 seconds to make a first impression.
  4. Don’t let your frustration about dating leak into your profile.

How Monica Can Move Forward [6:22]

Marni offers different ways to pull more information out of the men who send messages and ask for dates. Her advice is for Monica to be vulnerable and to “show him the yolk”.

Monica’s Biggest Takeaways from the coaching:

  • She enjoyed finding out why the information she is putting in her profile isn’t rewarded with communication and more interest.
  • She may be displaying an armored love shield and speaking in her masculine.
  • She will practice having vulnerable conversations.

Make a Connection:

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