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Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 288 - Do You Still Fall for Mr. Potential? With Chris Gillis


Life Check Yourself Episode 288 - Do You Still Fall for Mr. Potential? With Chris Gillis


Chris Gillis

Life Check Yourself Episode 288 – Do You Still Fall for Mr. Potential? With Chris Gillis

Marni and Chris break down this week’s Bachelorette and filter out all the golden nuggets of real-life dating advice. It looks like it is down to Brandon and Nayte and Michelle seems to be attracted to the guy who has difficulty communicating. Marni discusses what this means and what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • Recognizing a person for who they really are, not their potential
  • Getting past drama and onto what is important in a relationship
  • Being attracted to the guy who doesn’t seem interested
  • Why people get uncomfortable when others share their feelings

Recap of the Men Tell All Episode [2:28]

This episode highlights how mean people can be to each other when they are triggered. Either a lot of the guys on the show have a low emotional intelligence or they are being triggered by TV producers who bring out the worst in them. Marni says that when we get activated, especially when one of our core values is triggered, it can be hard to hit the pause button and be our best adult selves. And being on national TV puts it in the spotlight.

The human brain is naturally attracted to drama. Chris says people get attached to having someone validate them. When they don’t do it, it can be maddening. That ongoing drama keeps our attention and we continue to spend time trying to figure out why someone is not giving us what we want. It’s a game you can never win, Marni says. If you find yourself in this situation, do yourself a favor and run away.

Addicted to the Chase [9:38]

If you are someone who leans more toward a guy you want to like you more than he does versus the guy you are dating who likes you a lot this Bachelorette holds some good lessons.

Brandon is in love with Michelle and tells her will love her until her last dying breath. Michelle seems to shift in her seat and is obviously uncomfortable with him professing his undying love. Then when Nayte, who is 27 and has never had a girlfriend, says he is catching feelings for her she gets all giddy. Michelle wants to be chosen instead of doing the choosing.

Chris adds that the internet thinks Michelle is the greatest thing since sliced bread but he thinks she displays some red flags when she interacts with the guys. She is a teacher and she might feel needed when trying to help or change them. Marni and Chris have different opinions about whether Michelle has had physical relations with some of the guys during their sleepovers.

If you are never attracted to the guy who is really into you, consider why that is.

Predictions [32:35]

Marni believes Michelle will choose chancy 6-foot-8 Nayte over smitten Brandon. If she picks Nayte? Chris says within 3-6 months the couple will find a reason to break it off. Michelle wants to save the world, and it will not be Nayte’s style. Marni says Nayte is a player and not marriage material. Only time will tell.

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