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Chris Gillis

Dating Den Episode 260 - Have a BreakUp? When is it the Right Time to Date Again?


Dating Den Episode 260 - Have a BreakUp? When is it the Right Time to Date Again?


Chris Gillis

Dating Den Episode 260 – Bachelorette Recap with Chris Gillis: Have a BreakUp? When is it the Right Time to Date Again?

This Bachelorette recap features real-life dating advice taken from the most recent episodes of the show. Marni and Man Panelist Chris Gillis talk about the trainwreck finale that includes angry family members, Katie and Blake getting engaged and some of the worst hosting in TV history.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How to step back from an argument
  • Why it is wrong to label someone
  • Vulnerability or oversharing?
  • Take responsibility for your half of a relationship

Are You Ready to Date Again? [1:55]

One thing for sure is you must be emotionally free of past relationships before you are ready to date again. Marni points out that Katie did not have time to get past her relationship with Greg Grippo before getting engaged to Blake Moynes. Chris thinks Greg was treated unfairly.

During the episode, the audience meets Katie’s mom and her aunt Lindsey, who was very angry and disconnected. Marni says it explains why Katie can go from being fun and playful to stone-cold quickly. Marni hypothesized that there may be a lot of secrets in the family based on their actions and remembers back to a past episode when Katie finds out that her father was not her biological father.

Katie looked belittled by her family.

Oversharing is Not Vulnerability [24:03]

When Katie and Blake performed the burning ceremony, Katie opened up about her insecurities and her need for safety. Later, Blake said it was too much pressure and it scared him to have that responsibility on his shoulders. Marni points out that Katie shouldn’t put her emotional safety in the hands of another person.

It’s hard to believe Blake is Katie’s soul mate after seeing the breakup with Greg and all in such a short time.

Katie Should Apologize to Greg [36:48]

Greg accused Katie of wanting to play the part of the Bachelorette and he may have been right even though he is an actor. Marni is a big fan of Greg and how he maintained a mature stance during the finale. He seems to be a genuine guy who had genuine feelings for Katie.

If someone rails on you, don’t go back so they can do it again.

In real-life dating, if you get into a heated argument ask the other person for a break. It is better to pause and excuse yourself until things calm down than to say something you don’t mean. Agree on a time to reconvene and start over.

And, Marni believes Katie should apologize to Greg. As it was inappropriate to put a psychological label (Gaslighter) on Greg just because she was pissed off.

In the end, everyone just wants love.

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