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Dating Den Episode 12


Christian Anderson

How Long Should I Wait for a Commitment?

Dating Den Episode 12

How Long Should I Wait for a Commitment?


Christian Anderson

Dating Den Episode 12 – With Christian Anderson: How Long Should I Wait for a Commitment?

I get this question all the time…

Let’s say you’ve been seeing this great guy for a minute… you really like each other and things have been progressing,

but lately things have slowed down or even stopped moving forward…

How long should you wait for him to make a commitment??

If you are wondering the same thing …

You are definitely not alone!

That’s why it’s the subject of this week’s Dating Den podcast with my awesome co-host Christian Anderson!

The thing is, your man may have different ideas about the progression of your relationship…

How quickly (or not) things should be moving…

So, what does a good progression look like from a man’s point of view [1:10]?

Actually, slow from the beginning is healthy for both of you!

Big jumps in the timeline are usually red flags [1:35]

Over the first few months you might be moving toward having at least one date a week…

Eventually spending time with each others friends..

Maybe even spending the holiday’s together!

But what does it mean when the progression stops [2:30]?

Is there a right to have the commitment conversation?

To decide if you want to stay in or get out…

What is the end of the honeymoon phase [3:22]?

Find out all these answers and more on today’s Dating Den Podcast.

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