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Episode 31


Dr. Mache Seibel

How to Feel Really Hot When All You Can Think About Are Hot Flashes

Episode 31

How to Feel Really Hot When All You Can Think About Are Hot Flashes


Dr. Mache Seibel

Dating Den Episode 31 – With Dr. Mach Seibel: How to Feel Really Hot When All You Can Think About Are Hot Flashes

Suddenly, your oh-so hot and handsome dinner companion for the past couple of weekends leans in and kisses you gently on the neck… behind your ear…

He makes his way gently across your face and your lips meet… it’s electric, even a touch of magic. This could be it.

His hand finds the small of your back, traces your spine up to your neck, then he does it…

He slides his hand up the back of your head and grabs you by the hair… just hard enough to set you on fire!

But are you feeling the right kind of ‘fire’ inside…?

Women, listen up! You are going to love my guest today.

He is going to tell us what is going on inside our beautiful bodies when we start to feel the change.

Dr. Mache is one of America’s leading voices on women’s wellness and menopause. He is an award-winning medical journalist. He has this cool thing where he combines health information with original music. He is the Editor of The Hot Years: My Menopause Magazine, the author of 15 books on women’s health and has written over 200 scientific articles on the subject.

It’s Not About Age, It’s About Transition [3:56]

Dr. Seibel reminds us menopause is not about age. It’s about transition. First, there was puberty when your hormones first went crazy and now it’s time for your hormones to go out of balance again. The mean age of menopause in the US is 51 years of age and 5-10% of women go into menopause before age 46. Symptoms can start up to 10 years earlier.

In the year 1900, women died at age 48. Nobody worried about menopause because they were dead!

What Should Women Do to Prepare Themselves? [13:16]

Becoming aware of the transitions your body will go through is the key to keeping yourself optimized. Dr. Seibel says there are 5 essential steps to pay attention to. They are:

1. Physical changes.

2. Emotional Changes.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.

a. Sleep is essential.

b. Control stress.

c. Exercise is critical.

d. Eat nutritiously and organically.

4. Hormones.

5. How to thrive beyond menopause.

Take a holistic approach and take care of the sum of you not just some of you.

Strategies for Dating & Sex During Menopause [24:15]

Dr. Seibel says his advice for women who are transitioning is the same whether it’s puberty or menopause.

1. No one will love you until you love yourself.

2. Practice safe sex.

3. Be friends (Don’t have sex).

4. Birth control (Low dose birth control to balance hormones).

Your vagina may become more rigid. Make sure you tell your doctor!

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