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Episode 35


Laura Doyle

How to Get a Man to Meet Your Every Desire Without Having to Nag

Episode 35

How to Get a Man to Meet Your Every Desire Without Having to Nag


Laura Doyle

Dating Den Episode 35 – With Laura Doyle: How to Get a Man to Meet Your Every Desire Without Having to Nag

Who is the ‘real you’?

Are you fun and funny, sexy, feminine and smart, uniquely charming and charismatic?

Duh, of course you are!!

So why is it everyone around you seems to have someone…

And you can’t meet a great guy that sees how freakin’ awesome you are, adores you and pursues you???

Communication is the problem. The man – woman dynamic. When to give… and when to take.

Do you secretly think if you let your guard down and show the real you, men won’t like you or even stay with in a relationship with you?

Many women, strong, smart women are confused how to talk to men. How to act… to get them to do what you want. To love you the way you want to be loved.

I’m talking about Real Men.

Ladies, today you will learn a tried and true system to being and staying happy in your relationship, and even in marriage.

Your man wants you to be happy, so let him make you happy!

My guest today is the New York Times best-selling author Laura Doyle. Laura shares the secrets of her books, The Surrendered Wife, The Surrendered Single, Things Will Get as Good As You Can Stand and her new book, First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors. 150,000+ women credit her with saving their relationships but also showing them how to become desired, cherished and adored.

Becoming a Surrendered and Empowered Woman [4:07]

After a rough patch with her husband, Laura had a bag packed and was ready to get a divorce. She decided to find out the secret to a happy marriage instead. She surveyed women who had been in the same relationship for 15-years or more and took their advice.

Laura says she made her marriage into a laboratory. If something worked she kept it, if it didn’t she threw it out. When her husband was happy to see her again she knew it was working.

Your intimacy skills are either working strongly for you or against you. If you are a woman who knows about your amazing feminine gifts share it with other women. We need to share.

We get no training with relationships and we jump in only to crash.

How Do You Feel About Relinquishing Control [10:32]

It can be challenging for a modern woman to relinquish control in a relationship. Women need to be in control at work and have a hard time switching gears when they get home.

When women are controlling it can emasculate a man.

Laura reminds us girls, never to ask a man how he feels. Men are not the emotionally brilliant specimens we are, so don’t waste your time.

Magic Words and Phrases [18:20]

If your husband hurts your feelings or you feel slighted in some way, Laura says don’t expound on the issue. Simply saying “ouch” is enough to let him know he hurt you and your vulnerability lets him know you are not happy. Men will re-hear what they said and not you telling them how you feel. When you use this word the man apologizes to you so you don’t have to apologize to him later.

If you disrespect your man, say “I apologize for being disrespectful for doing xxx.” Laura recommends saying it and then shutting up.

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