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Episode 100


Debbie Rozman

How to Literally Get Over Your Broken Heart

Episode 100

How to Literally Get Over Your Broken Heart


Debbie Rozman

Dating Den Episode 100 – With Debbie Rozman: How to Literally Get Over Your Broken Heart

What if there were a way your smartphone could tell you what’s in your HEART… you know, if you were in LOVE?

What if you meet a guy you’re attracted to, but aren’t sure if he’s the one… and you want to know if it’s infatuation or the real thing…?

And all you have to do is open an app and hold up your phone, and the app is able to READ your SUBCONSCIOUS?!

If that sounds AMAZING… this episode is for you!

Have you ever felt stressed out even after meditating, working out, journaling, practicing self-care and eating healthy?

Maybe it’s time for a reset and a new approach.

Are you ready to let your heart guide you?

Marni’s guest, Debbie Rozman is a Behavioral Psychologist, the President, and CEO of HeartMath, and an Educator and Author. She talks about Heartmath from an intellectual point of view and describes how it helped her create changes in her own life. The science shows that practicing HeartMath can accelerate your health, well-being, reduce stress and create flow in your life.

What is HeartMath? [3:33]

Debbie was doing everything she thought she could do in terms of eating healthy, meditation, and a job she cared about but her work was growing so fast she realized she didn’t have any skills for addressing the anxiety or challenges she faced. The stress was more than she could manage.

She thought there has to be more to life than this treadmill. She knew something was missing from her life. She was open to receiving a new direction, something different. She then met, Doc Childre who told her it was really about accessing the intelligence of the heart and it’s all about love. She knew energetically this was her new path.

There is a way to connect to your heart which is a higher form of intelligence!

HeartMath is a research institute that studies bio-feedback the emotional pull versus intuitive feelings.

Heart rate variability, or beat to beat changes, show that physical changes actually match the way we feel emotionally!

Debbie and Doc Childre went deeper into how to shift the heart rate variability pattern quickly.

How to Apply HeartMath to Relationships [20:00]

In a new relationship or first meeting, it is hard to discern what is attracting you to another person. Is it sexual attraction, an emotional sensation or your heart’s intuition?

Learning to discern the difference between the signals of intuition and the signals of mind and security is the work of HeartMath. Debbie says there are specific tips and tools to help us identify what we are feeling.

A technological tool you can use with your smartphone is Inner Balance. It helps you to get into heart rate variability coherence, or in sync. You can see more into what the subconscious is really feeling. It’s training yourself how to shift into your own personal intuitive guidance.

The Danger of Loneliness [28:46]

Social support is critical for a human’s health. People who experience loneliness have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and heart disease. In fact, loneliness is more of a risk factor for disease than a lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and smoking combined!

It’s profound when our heart shuts down from feelings of loneliness or being brokenhearted.

Debbie says there are people who find fulfillment living alone but it’s very important for them to have close friendships.

Ladies, life is about living from the heart. You can live from your head but you will just keep banging it against the wall and wondering why you are not happy. Find coherence.

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