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Chris Gillis

Dating Den Episode 214 - Bachelor Recap: With Chris Gillis — Top Turn Ons and Turn Offs to a High-Quality Guy


Dating Den Episode 214 - Bachelor Recap: With Chris Gillis — Top Turn Ons and Turn Offs to a High-Quality Guy


Chris Gillis

Dating Den Episode 214 –Bachelor Recap: With Chris Gillis — Top Turn Ons and Turn Offs to a High-Quality Guy

If you had seven seconds to make the best impression possible, would you take the extra time to update your wardrobe and makeup? If not, you should. Marni and Man-panelist Chris Gillis discuss their thoughts on this week’s Bachelor episode and glean important lessons from what went wrong and what went right.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Make an effort to look and feel your best
  • It is OK to let a man make the first move
  • First date etiquette
  • Sharing insecurities or being vulnerable

Who Chooses the Clothes and makeup? [3:49]

Did you notice Victoria’s dress had puffy sleeves and her bra was showing? If you are dating and haven’t in a while, it is important to make an awesome first impression by optimizing your look. Make your clothes reflect who you are now and not who you were the last time you went on a date. You should feel comfortable in your clothes, but also look good. Ultimately, it is about how you feel.

One of the girls on the show kissed Matt and left a makeup stain on him. If you are wearing that much makeup, it is too much! It is important to make sure your makeup is appropriate for the venue or the event. On the flip side, Victoria chose not to wear makeup and it was a disaster.

You have 7 seconds to make a first impression. If people notice your makeup or clothes they aren’t noticing you.

Is Chivalry Dead? [13:43]

Most of the girls asked Matt if they could kiss him. Marni and Chris debate whether this is appropriate or not. Marni says it’s romantic when a man does it, but women may have the belief that they have to be sexual for a man to like them. This belief is false!

The right guy will wait. The right guy will be a gentleman. If you are dating someone and there is chemistry, it’s worth having a conversation before making the first move.

On a date and there is chemistry, instead of ‘can I kiss you?’ try ‘I wouldn’t say no to a kiss’.

A First Date Should Be More Romance than Adventure [35:30]

Marni recalls the ATV date. Matt invites Bri to an adventure date where they are riding separate ATVs. Marni says that this is a red flag a guy is trying to be macho. On separate quads, Matt couldn’t get romantic even if he wanted to. A date can be an adventure but make it something that you can appreciate together.

Outside your comfort zone is great but not on the first date.

Chris has not been super impressed with how all the girls are falling all over Matt and no one has gotten mad at him for anything. Matt admits he has not dated in a long time which means he is probably just along for the ride and may not be interested in a long-term relationship.

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