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Episode 128


Aimee Raupp

How to tap into your vitality to get back your love mojo.

Episode 128

How to tap into your vitality to get back your love mojo.


Aimee Raupp

Dating Den Episode 128 – With Aimee Raupp: How to tap into your vitality to get back your love mojo.

Are you notorious for not taking care of yourself? How often do you take five minutes and check-in with yourself to make sure your needs are being met? Marni welcomes Health and Wellness Expert, Aimee Raupp into the Den to talk about self-worth, self-love, weight, and self-care.

Aimee is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Manhattan who offers fertility treatments and care. She has a Biology Degree and a Masters in Chinese Medicine from Rutgers – She has a beauty care line and she’s been on the View. Today we talk about all of her books including Chill Out and Get Healthy. Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Relief.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of celebrating yourself
  • What optimal health looks like
  • How to focus on you
  • Why you should quit beating yourself up
  • How to stop Self-sabotaging behaviors
  • The menopause-mindset connection
  • How chemicals affect a woman’s hormone levels
  • How to bring vitality back to sex

The Picture of Optimal Health [2:29]

Aimee says optimal health is easy to identify “it’s when you wake up feeling refreshed and excited about your day. You have healthy bowel movements and vitality on every level. You feel really alive and really happy in your body. You feel like you are living your purpose”.

If you’re not there yet, it’s ok. Change is hard for some people. If you find yourself arguing in favor of your limitations or arguing to keep your life exactly how it is you may not be ready to shift your life. If it’s not for you right now, give yourself time to step into your self-worth.

Takeaway: If you are going to indulge, enjoy it. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

The Advanced Move Toward Vitality [12:41]

Aimee recommends focusing on the things that are going right. You have to celebrate the wins in life. Gentle reminders about how great you are go a long way. Chill out and check-in time is when you take 5-10 breaths and ask yourself a couple of simple questions. Try asking “how are you today?” It slows you down for a minute and makes sure you are considering your needs.

If you are someone who is already meditating, doing yoga, and living clean but you still have bowel problems or are concerned about fertility you may be constipated emotionally.

Takeaway: Chill Out and Get Healthy!

Mindset, Menopause, Sex, and Skincare [20:14]

Current research shows that our thoughts, beliefs, and mental disposition has just as much as an impact on our biochemistry and physiology as does our actual biology. It’s about 50-50.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror every day and find one thing that you like about yourself. Think about what makes you feel good. Add a little vitality to your appearance by wearing a bright color. Dive into your divine feminine energy. Simple things make a big impact. Be alive! Don’t wait to lose 10 pounds to wear the outfit you love, don’t put your life on hold, and don’t beat yourself up. Celebrate where you are.

When your internal stuffing is radiant your external package will be too. Aimee couldn’t find skincare products without chemicals. So, she created her own. Her motto is ‘if you can’t eat it you shouldn’t put it on your skin’. It’s basically skincare for hormone harmony.

Takeaway: Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream. It really does impact you hormonally.

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