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Emyrald Sinclaire

Dating Den Episode 190 - With Emyrald Sinclaire: Internal Triggers That Can Sabotage Your Dating Process


Dating Den Episode 190 - With Emyrald Sinclaire: Internal Triggers That Can Sabotage Your Dating Process


Emyrald Sinclaire

Dating Den Episode 190 –With Emyrald Sinclaire: Internal Triggers That Can Sabotage Your Dating Process

Marni welcomes Emyrald Sinclaire into the Dating Den to discuss how women can manifest the man they have always wanted. Emyrald is a Love and Manifestation Coach, a Speaker, a self-love expert, and author of the book, Destination Soulmate. Her mission is to help 500,000 women manifest the love of their life. Key takeaways from this episode:
  • Get clear about who you want to attract
  • Manifest the partner you desire
  • Find someone who wants to commit
  • Consciously overcome regrettable incidents

Are You Arguing For Your Limitations? [1:30]

Many women rely on their stories to guide them in their search for love. We say things like “there are no good men in my town” or “I’m too successful” or “there are no men worth my time”. Some of us argue for our limitations and unwittingly block ourselves from relationships.

Emyrald busts the myth that finding love in a remote place is difficult. She shares her story of consciously manifesting 3 men in her life. She even started a four-year relationship with a guy in a tiny, backwater town in Ecuador.

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can manifest everything you want in a partner.

To manifest the guy you desire, Emyrald says it all comes down to getting clear about what you want and removing what is blocking you. And, for many women, the blocks are just the stories they are telling themselves. Is your story serving you?

Feel into what a partnership would look like and ask yourself if you can embody that level of commitment in all aspects of your life.

Be ready to commit with your mind, body, and soul.

Is Your Love Shield Up? [10:18]

To figure out what your limiting beliefs or blocks to finding love are, Emyrald suggests writing a letter to God. She recommends asking God to let her guidance work through your pen. Then, let the answers within your heart spill out onto the page.

Feelings caused by fear have excited angst about them. Intuition has a loving tone to it.

Remember that nothing anyone else does is about you. If you are triggered by something a partner does it is about your wounds, not theirs. Use the opportunity to grow and connect with them at a deeper level.

Growing Closer Through [22:00]

It seems difficult at the moment, but we can use ‘regrettable incidents’ in a relationship to grow closer to our partner. We can also learn not to be triggered by external stressors that create knee jerk reactions.

Emyrald says, open and honest communication is key.
For women, it is important they use their emotional intelligence and speak up about what is important to them from the very beginning of the dating process. Women tend to play the ‘cool’ girl. We act like things don’t bother us because we don’t want to be the crazy woman that is overly emotional. But, if are communicative and truly understands her needs her partner can respond accordingly.

Marni says that when we are with someone who is equally committed to the relationship bumps in the road become opportunities to grow closer.

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that can be learned.

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