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Episode 87


Kiné Corder

Money & Love Mixdown: Is Your Money Personality the Reason You’re Still Single?

Episode 87

Money & Love Mixdown: Is Your Money Personality the Reason You’re Still Single?


Kiné Corder

Dating Den Episode 87 – With Kiné Corder: Money & Love Mixdown: Is Your Money Personality the Reason You’re Still Single?

Have you met a great guy recently, the only problem is he didn’t measure up financially?

Do you refuse to date a guy because he doesn’t make six figures?

If a guy wants to split the check on the first date, is that dealbreaker?

Will your Mr. Right to take care of all of your debt?

What you don’t know is, this attitude could be keeping you single.

Money and love go hand-in-hand in the den today. My guest, Kiné Corder has over 20-years experience in the field of finance, she is a financial therapist and she is the host of the Prosperity Report podcast. She is also a bestselling author, a sought-after international speaker, she has been on Good Morning America, Oprah, and Entertainment Tonight.

Can Money Really Buy Happiness? [4:23]

Technically yes, money can buy happiness but Kiné says, “There is a dollar sign associated with almost everything we want or need. It’s the knowing what will actually make us happy that is the hard part.” Getting some financial therapy can be a great way to drill down to figure out what happiness means to you and then help you to go out and grab prosperity.

The phrase ‘money can’t buy happiness’ is used so often that many people get confused about the role money plays in their lives. When people do get money they buy things that don’t make them happy just to align with the programming they received about money from their parents or early influencers.

It is possible to shift your financial mindset.

Women Can Be Successful in Business & in Love [6:50]

Ladies, you can have it all just not at the same time. Everyone wants to have it all but do you really want to juggle everything at the same time. Kiné warns that if you are leaning into your profession, then you are leaning away from something else. Don’t lean so far you tip over.

Are you an ambitious, independent woman who doesn’t realize she is pushing men away? Men don’t marry the independent woman they just stay for a while because they are intrigued by her. Men want to share their life with a responsible woman. They want women to support them in their goals.

What is Your Money Personality? [13:34]

It’s important to recognize your money personality because it will impact how you choose a man.

There are 5 Key Elements of the Money Cycle:

  • Earn
  • Grow
  • Protect
  • Gift
  • Enjoy

And, There are 7 Money Mentality Types:

  • The Spender
  • The Saver
  • The Blamer
  • The Enthusiast
  • The Hero
  • The Artist
  • The President

How you handle money is closely related to how you give and receive love. If you want to find out which archetype you are take the online money quiz on Kiné’s website.

Love Tip – The right guy should share your values about money. It’s not all about the dollar signs.

Strategies for Healthy Money Communications [26:43]

It’s okay to have conversations about money early in a relationship, says Kiné. The more vulnerable and trusting you about your values, love and financial, the better your relationship will be.

6-Steps to having healthy conversations about money:

1. Learn your Money Mentality
2. Discover your idea of prosperity
3. Be a lifelong learner
4. Have a money day once a month
5. Delegate challenges and lean on your strengths
6. What you focus on expands

Be sure to open up about your debt too. It is perfectly normal to have healthy debt. Shift your old programming and learn for yourself what the best financial strategy for you is.

Shared values are imperative for a relationship to succeed.

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