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Episode 86


Lisa Woodruff

Moving In Together or Still Single? What to Do When You’re Stuck in Organizational Quicksand.

Episode 86

Moving In Together or Still Single? What to Do When You’re Stuck in Organizational Quicksand.


Lisa Woodruff

Dating Den Episode 86 – With Lisa Woodruff: Moving In Together or Still Single? What to Do When You’re Stuck in Organizational Quicksand.

What if I told you the number 1 thing keeping you single, was your stuff?

Not your emotional stuff… like not feeling worthy of a great guy, self-sabotage or even leaking masculine energy at the wrong time…

But your actual STUFF! You know, all the crap cluttering up your home….

It’s true! Clutter can kill your love life faster than talking non-stop about your ex.

That’s why today on the Den, my incredible guest is going to show you exactly how to take action and organize your space so that it helps you create love in your life, instead of driving it away!

My guest today, Lisa Woodruff is the Founder of Organize 365, Creator of the 100-Day Home Organization Program, and The Sunday Basket Workshops. She is also the author of the books, The Mindset of Organization: Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time and How ADHD Affects Home Organization and the Hostess of the Organize 365 Podcast.

She helps women reclaim their homes and their lives!

Taking Charge of Your Organizational Skills [4:09]

It’s all about mindset. Lisa says, “typically your outer world is reflective of your inner world.” If you are struggling in love know that you may be holding on to stuff based on the future you thought you would have.

It’s all about the internal work. Do you use a disorganized house as an excuse for not dating? The excuse serves as a reason for you not to be vulnerable and let someone in. When you get your place clutter-free and exactly how you want it, then what?

Emotional and environmental reasons are the two biggest reasons single people don’t throw stuff away. There is a lot of stuff that can’t be recycled. It’s an environmental issue.

You may not know how to let go of possessions because they also serve as your memories.

The Best Rooms to Organize First [10:30]

The Kitchen or the Master Closet is the best place to start taking control of your life. As a professional organizer, Lisa starts with a client by spending 15 minutes on removing everything from a single drawer in the kitchen. They take everything out of the drawer, consider its usefulness, and get rid of whatever doesn’t make an impact in their lives. Then, they move to the closet and start with the shoes. The goal is for you to come home and enjoy yourself, your house, and your life.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Couples Who Combine Households [13:41]

The number one issue when a couple moves in together is making sure there is even territory. A new home is easier for couples to move into because decisions about the spaces are done together. It may be more difficult when one person moves into an existing home that the other person has occupied. In this case, Lisa recommends getting a storage unit when making the initial move, especially if there are kids involved.

Then, go space by space and discuss as a couple who will be using the space more frequently and defer to them for the tools and supplies they need in that space. It’s really important that each person in the house have their own space.

Strategies, Tips, and Tricks to Overcome Excuses [21:01]

If you are making excuses for why you are not de-cluttering your life consider, has there ever been anyone in your situation who has done what you want to do? If someone has done it, then there is no excuse for you not doing it. It can be done!

Lisa’s 100-Day Organizational Program was designed to go beyond surface de-cluttering. It teaches discipline. She recommends starting in the Master Bath or the Laundry Room. Go in for 15 minutes every single day until there is nothing left to do. Once you have one done room move to the next. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you because you are learning the discipline of decluttering and organizing. You are pushing yourself through the hard stuff.

And, her trademark, Sunday Basket is an organizational system for all the household paper in your life. It could be letters from school, bills, reminders, etc. It’s a box that sits on your kitchen counter and everything goes in the box. Handle all of those responsibilities on one day instead of letting papers pile up.

Walk through your house as if you are going to put it on the market.

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