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Episode 37


Arielle Ford

Pasta and Your Profile. Why a Trip to Italy Has Everything to do with Your Ability to Find Love

Episode 37

Pasta and Your Profile. Why a Trip to Italy Has Everything to do with Your Ability to Find Love


Arielle Ford

Dating Den Episode 37 – With Arielle Ford: Pasta and Your Profile. Why a Trip to Italy Has Everything to do with Your Ability to Find Love

Love and relationship expert, Arielle Ford just returned from Italy. She says just being there enlivens all of the senses. There is a vibration of love there.

People are moving at a different pace than in America. They are strolling and holding hands. There is a massive feeling of satisfaction and bliss, and in this episode she is going to tell you how you can bring that into your own love life.

Arielle is in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement. She has spent 30 years living, teaching and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is a brilliant speaker and co-creator and co-host of Evolving Wisdoms: Art of Love series. She is also the author of 11 books. Including the extremely influential, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with The Law of Attraction.

The Dazzling Distraction [6:18]

Many successful women use their work as a distraction to get a hit of dopamine (dopamine is the feel good chemical that your brain emits when you feel good). That they would really rather be getting from being in love. The dopamine gives us instant feedback – a quick hit – so rather than noticing who is noticing you, you run around keeping yourself busy when you should be living in the moment, savoring life.

Arielle says in order to manifest great love you have to be in a loving space. If you are in judgment mode he can feel it. Men choose women based on how they feel around you.

The big secret to manifesting love is to spend time everyday feeling the way you want to feel when you are with your beloved.

Get Clear on Your Vision [9:35]

Arielle had a wish list of what she wanted in a guy. She wanted to be the center of his universe and she wanted him to enjoy adventure travel. Ladies, remember no physical attribute contributes to your long-term happiness. When you seek a soulmate/life partner, important attributes are chemistry, communication, compatibility, connection and a shared vision for the future.

How to Get Clear

Know your must haves and deal breakers.

Put everything you want into positive statements.

Look to your old relationships to see what you want and don’t want.

Femininity and Feminine Power [18:42]

When we are working we are in our masculine energy. But, if you want to be with a masculine male you need to learn to be receptive. You are not using the same type of energy when you are in a relationship as you are when you are working. Learn to shift into your feminine energy.

It’s easy to get what you want from a guy. “It would make me happy” they exist to make us happy and they can’t make us happy when you are being a demanding bitch.

5 Limiting Beliefs You Need to Let Go Of

1. You are too old.

2. You are too fat.

3. You are damaged.

4. All the good ones are taken.

5. You are too busy.

Become an emotionally mature adult. Start to manage your thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

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