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Episode 99


Carin Rockind

Soulful, Scientific, Simple, Happiness Tips You Can Use Now to Accelerate Your Path to Love

Episode 99

Soulful, Scientific, Simple, Happiness Tips You Can Use Now to Accelerate Your Path to Love


Carin Rockind

Dating Den Episode 99 – With Carin Rockind: Soulful, Scientific, Simple, Happiness Tips You Can Use Now to Accelerate Your Path to Love

“I take happiness very seriously. It is a creed a philosophy and an objective” ~ Helen Keller

The facts are troubling… happiness is at an all time low.

What’s worse is that women are statistically more depressed than men – and depression is beginning earlier and earlier in our lives.

Despite what we’ve been told achievement is NOT the key to happiness and well-being.

Marni welcomes leading happiness expert, Karen Rockind to discuss the simple daily decisions you can make to create more joy in your life. Karen is the creator of Purpose Girl, a movement that empowers purpose driven living, and Women’s Global Happiness Day.

She has taught thousand of people real-life strategies to reclaim their happiness, to live to the fullest potential of success and well-being. She is a survivor of divorce, domestic abuse, and a life-changing armed robbery which proved as a catalyst for her to finally pursue her passion of helping women thrive.

The Science of Happiness [5:41]

For millennia, psychologists studied only illnesses including anxiety and depression even though only 30% of the population had a diagnosed mental illness. When about 20-years ago, a professor decided that instead of ignoring 70% of the population he would integrate the study of happiness into his work.

Now, conventional wisdom and social pressures have made many women believe they must meet a certain criteria in order to be happy. But, Carin says it’s not true. Women may have been taught achievement will make us happier but research shows the opposite. Happiness should come first.

Surviving is not thriving!

How to Create Well-Being and Happiness [10:46]

Daily choices can make the biggest difference in your happiness level. Happiness is an very individual thing but there are pathways that can bring happiness and fulfillment. Happiness is a choice.

Pathways to Happiness:

Focus on the positive in a situation.

Have hobbies or work you love.

Have healthy, thriving relationships.

Do something that matters to you and gives you purpose.

Achievements in areas that matter to you.

Redefining happiness for yourself is being your whole self and going after what you desire. Get some soul sisters. Soul sisters will launch you into a whole new level of happiness, joy and support!

You should control your life. Don’t let your life control you.

Happiness and Dating [24:49]

Any man will tell you, confidence and purpose is super sexy. A woman who is doing something that really matters to her, feels filled up on living which makes you show up as an empowered goddess. You can make their own fun id you are filled up by life.

Feel good about who you are!

Uncover Your Purpose By Listening to the Whisper of Your Soul [27:58]

Carin says there are three questions you can ask yourself to uncover your purpose.

What are my regrets?

What am I jealous of other women about?

What can I learn from my childhood dreams?

After exploring what gives you purpose start playing with your dreams. Picture yourself doing what you want to be doing. How does it feel to be doing it? How does your day start? Is there someone already doing what you would like to be doing? Look for mentors and call them. Little steps can help you realize big dreams.

You are the creator of your own life. Make it awesome!

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