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Stephanie Dawn

Dating Den Episode 183 - Stop Making Up Stories That are Preventing You From Dating Successfully


Dating Den Episode 183 - Stop Making Up Stories That are Preventing You From Dating Successfully


Stephanie Dawn

Dating Den Episode 183 – With Stephanie Dawn: Stop Making Up Stories That are Preventing You From Dating Successfully

Are you ready to release your magic? In this episode of the Dating Den, Marni welcomes Intuitive Transformational Coach Stephanie Dawn to discuss how-to awaken, embody, and amplify the magic you already have inside of you. Stephanie is on a soul mission to change the idea that magic is something outside of ourselves.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How-to tap into your intuition
  • Ways to fully surrender into vulnerability
  • Honoring what is true for you
  • The importance of rebuilding trust with yourself

Discover Your Inner Magic [1:49]

Many of us seek magic in other people, a job, or something outside of us. It’s as if we expect something external to ignite the fire within us. But, what if we focused on listening to our inner magic, our intuition that tells us when we are on the right path?

Before her breakthrough, Stephanie says she was the type of woman who was always in a relationship. Her self-worth was based on what other people thought it was. But, 2 years ago, she realized her life wasn’t what it was supposed to be. She was working toward checking off all the boxes. She was engaged, she was working to create a successful business but something was off.

My intuition was trying to tell me that something wasn’t right.

“We’ve been conditioned to think and feel the same way. It’s deep programming about what supposedly will bring women fulfillment” she says. To fully bring forth our inner magic we need to ask the deep questions of ourselves similar to the questions we ask of others.

How much do I trust myself?
Am I doing something that will make me whole?

The Ascension Path [9:32]

The ascension path is getting in touch with your magic. It is stepping into who you are and who you truly are. Uncovering your soul path and purpose can carry some weight and seem daunting, but just getting in touch with your magic and stepping into who you are is attainable.

During the 2020 pandemic is a good time to look at your life and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself, what you need, and what has changed for you. What beliefs don’t feel right for you anymore?

Stephanie reminds us that the big struggle is when we try to look at what everyone else is doing. If you have never actually listened to what is going on in your head, or your intuition, it can be hard to honor it. But, resisting it is harder over the long term.

It’s important to follow through with what comes through when tapping into our intuition and use the energy we feel.

Communicating Your Magic [25:14]

Don’t minimize your reactions or feelings. It’s important to talk about it. If something affects you positively or negatively show it and discuss it with your partner. It’s not healthy to be the cool girl.

Know that what you have to say is worth hearing. If you are in a relationship the other person wants to know. Any conversation that tells your partner what you need is a good conversation.

Being specific really helps a guy. Remember ladies, there is no manual.

It all comes down to you and your magic. You wouldn’t just set magic on a shelf, you would nurture it and show it off.

Love is the most magic thing but it can only be magic if you recognize your magic in it.

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