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Episode 57


Christine Malsbury

The Capsule Approach for Dating — How to Simplify Getting Dressed for a Date in 5 Minutes or Less

Episode 57

The Capsule Approach for Dating — How to Simplify Getting Dressed for a Date in 5 Minutes or Less


Christine Malsbury

Dating Den Episode 57 – With Christine Malsbury: The Capsule Approach for Dating — How to Simplify Getting Dressed for a Date in 5 Minutes or Less

Do your clothes reflect the way you feel? We should all be expressing our personal flair, whether it’s a dating or a professional environment.

Christine Malsbury shares her amazing tips and tricks for expressing your personal identity through your clothes. And believe it or not, it’s all about the quality of the clothes, not the quantity!

In 2015, she launched the Brazen Beauty Movement, consulting with women on style and wardrobe transformation, image, and visibility strategies. She was a Professor at Vassar and her own clothing conundrum led her to create the “Girl Boss Closet.”

Your Clothes Should Match Your Personal Identity [8:47]

As a Ph.D. and professor Christine felt she had to look a certain way, but yet it stifled her essence. She says clothing is about personal identity but it’s also about belonging. There is a beauty-industry media complex in the US in which women are exposed to airbrushed beauty or the reaction to itm which is a ‘sweatpant’ mentality. The middle ground had been obliterated from our national consciousness.

The essence of Christine’s Brazen Beauty Movement is that you can be awesome and smart and good at what you do and be pretty, it’s all okay. She felt like she couldn’t be beautiful and be smart at the same time. She had compounding messages around what women’s beauty should be.

Quality Over Quantity [17:56]

What we wear is a careful dance between fully and authentically expressing who we are, and expressing to people strategically what we want them to understand about us.

On a date, a woman should feel really good in her clothes. A woman should wear something that makes her feel her best.

Buying higher quality pieces and not tons and tons of clothes. The quality is something that gets communicated right away and the price per item goes down the more you wear it.

When hiring someone Christine asks herself “ Do they have the visual principals I need in a person?”

The Capsule Wardrobe Concept [24:28]

The Capsule Concept was popularized by a couple of bloggers who looked at trends from the 70’s. It’s taking off in a big way now. The Capsule forces a woman to clarify her style. And to make thoughtful mindful choices.

The societal implications of the capsule wardrobe are that it helps you express your beauty and it can be an anti-consumerist stance.

Brazen Beauty Tips and Tricks [35:37]

1. Feel good in your clothes.

2. Pick one feature to accentuate.

3. Wear color.

Coco Chanel said to put on all of your jewelry and just before you leave the house, remove one item.

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