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Episode 98


Alex Jimenez

The Ultimate Travel Packing Strategy for the Single Girl Who Wants to Meet Her Man on the Go

Episode 98

The Ultimate Travel Packing Strategy for the Single Girl Who Wants to Meet Her Man on the Go


Alex Jimenez

Dating Den Episode 98 – With Alex Jimenez: The Ultimate Travel Packing Strategy for the Single Girl Who Wants to Meet Her Man on the Go

Do you ever daydream about meeting a tall, dark, handsome stranger while traveling in some exotic locale…

And you both suddenly realize your future will never be the same?

Or maybe you have to travel for work, but hey, you never know who you might meet on a plane, at a conference or in a hotel lobby…

Then this is the episode for you.

Marni welcomes Alex Jimenez aka Travel Fashion Girl to the Den to talk about the importance of having clothes that meet your personal style when traveling. Alex shares tips for packing light, how to create a travel capsule and how traveling light can make your more irresistible to meeting a guy on the road.

Alex lived a nomadic lifestyle out of a single carry-on suitcase. She combined her experience with her background in business to create her company, Travel Fashion Girl. It is the number one blog for female travelers with over 1 million monthly visitors. She has been on Fox & Friends Morning Show, and featured online in Cosmo, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Post, USA Today and more.

When the Travel Bug Bit Alex  [3:19]

There was a single moment when Alex was on a vacation with her mother when she was mesmerized by the beauty of the island and realized she needed to travel more. After quitting her job she kept her promise to herself and traveled full-time for almost a decade.

She started her journey by joining group tours but became inspired by the solo women travelers she met along the way. And then, during a solo trip around the world, she met her husband!

How to Make Connections When Traveling Solo [7:06]

Alex says traveling with other people provides a safety net because there is always someone to talk to. When traveling alone you have the opportunity to strike up conversations with strangers and to be more open.

Tips for Women Travelers:

1. Don’t travel with a friend
2. Put your phone down
3. Do your research
4. Ask questions about fellow travelers

When you put yourself in a new environment, out of the normal bump and grind at home you become more of an approachable person. In a beautiful place, you can feel more attractive, confident, and free to be in the moment.

These tips can be used to meet men anywhere!

How to Travel Light with Travel Fashion Girl [14:15]

Alex felt hindered by her heavy travel bags. She did some research and spoke with other travelers who chose to travel light before creating her unique Travel Fashion Girl blog. She recommends thinking about how excessive luggage could impact your experience.

You can’t hop on the back of a motorcycle when you have heavy bags!

The key to packing light and looking good is less about being stylish and more about feeling comfortable in your skin. Pack your favorite clothes. When you look good, your confidence will show through and you’ll feel more outgoing. So, instead of packing giveaway clothes pack to enhance your personal style.

Travel Fashion Girl Tips:

  • Research the weather at your destination.
  • Start with 10 core pieces.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Pack tops that can be layered.
  • Don’t take more than 3 pairs of shoes.
  • Shoes you plan to walk in — Wear stylish comfortable shoes on the plane
  • Activity shoes — hiking or work out shoes
  • Dress up or sightseeing shoes

Alex has been using the same backpack for years. She just doesn’t want to replace her Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack. It fits everything she needs.

Meet Your Man on Your Next Solo Trip [27:32]

Alex wasn’t expecting to meet her husband during her round-the-world-trip but there he was seated right next to her on the plane. She says traveling is the perfect way to meet your partner because you get to see a person’s true side. You can see how they react to delays, changed plans, and disappointments. If you are serious about someone, or in a new relationship go on a trip together. It is so telling about how you both will handle adversity.

Alex’s #1 Tip is to follow your gut and listen to your instincts!

Homework: Marni asks you to consider how you can practice being your most authentic self and how can you bring adventure into your life.

Explore, put your phone down, and be who you really are in a new environment. Travel Solo!

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