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Episode 33



This Ninja Move Got Him To Commit – How To Do It Yourself And Keep A Quality Man

Episode 33

This Ninja Move Got Him To Commit – How To Do It Yourself And Keep A Quality Man



Dating Den Episode 33 – With Victoria: This Ninja Move Got Him To Commit – How To Do It Yourself And Keep A Quality Man

Dating an unavailable man is a big problem.

Not only are you not getting the kind of LOVE you want and deserve…

You’re wasting precious time. It’s just clicking by… day after day, week after week and you’re no closer to getting what you want.

But how can you tell if a man is available for a relationship…

You know, without scaring him off or sounding like you’re giving him an ultimatum…

Is there a way to get him there faster?

Ladies you are going to love this awesome episode. It is an example of real dating life.

Victoria is a Dating Den listener and a successful New Yorker. She has followed the dating suggestions from previous episodes and viola, she is dating a quality guy!

Victoria wants to be efficient while maintaining her femininity and remove the doubt about the future of the relationship. She’s not sure what the next steps are. So, let’s help her out.

Victoria Dated With Dignity [3:36]

Victoria says it wasn’t easy to abstain from sex with her new guy. But, she knew she needed to set boundaries and remember her value. She also didn’t want to have the awkward morning after experience.

She wanted him to like her for her true self but admits it took practice to maintain her authenticity. She allowed herself to be proactive and if he didn’t like it he could just float away and she would be OK.

It was an artful dance.

The Slower You Go the Faster You Get There [8:57]

Sex is a very intimate thing. A woman shouldn’t be afraid to talk to a man she has allowed into her lady space. Vulnerability is required when it is time for physical and emotional intimacy. Victoria is afraid to bring up the “relationship” conversation up even after hearing him describe her as his girlfriend.

Giving the Man an Ultimatum [12:10]

Victoria was unaware of it but she had already imposed on ultimatum on her new guy. She is looking to put a timestamp on how he should feel and at what stage their relationship should be in.

What a Man Needs [15:33]

Men don’t want to jump through hoops. They need guidance too. They need encouragement to feel confident. Show them how you feel and let them know you feel safe and comfortable through words.

Victoria is going to tell him how she feels then say what she wants and then stop talking.

Women co-create the energy that makes a man feel safe.

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