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Episode 48


Corey Jenkins

What Does Being Feminine Actually Look Like?

Episode 48

What Does Being Feminine Actually Look Like?


Corey Jenkins

Dating Den Episode 48 – With Corey Jenkins: What Does Being Feminine Actually Look Like?

The topic of masculine and feminine energy has been a very popular subject over the last 5 or 10 years. But what exactly does being in your feminine energy mean?

Guest, Corey Jenkins says it can be as easy as turning on some music and doing what feels natural to you.

Is Being Vulnerable a Feminine Trait? [01:25]

Corey says he feels femininity can be found in physical aspects such as long hair and high heels, but there is a less logical, creative and nurturing aspect of femininity also. Vulnerability and unpredictability are soft feminine traits but both the man and the woman need to be vulnerable in a relationship in order to connect.

A Modern Alpha Male [04:36]

Corey admits he used to be soft, sensitive and spiritual until many of the women he dated said they needed him to find his edge. Women say they want a more conscious man but when he actually shows up they don’t accept it.

What women actually want is a well-rounded man who has both masculine and feminine energies.

How to Turn Up Your Femininity [06:52]

Turning up your femininity can be being your authentic self. If you feel comfortable and natural it will show through your feminine glow. The key is to express yourself as a human being and find someone who matches your energy.

Attract the guy who has the right amount of masculinity to match your femininity.

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