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Dating Den Episode 166 - With Beth: What to Do If You Are Stuck So You Are Not Single Forever


Dating Den Episode 166 - With Beth: What to Do If You Are Stuck So You Are Not Single Forever



Dating Den Episode 166 – With Beth: What to Do If You Are Stuck So You Are Not Single Forever

Does it feel like you’re “one step away from your epic love relationship with a high-quality man”…

Only problem is its’ felt that way for years?

Do you ever wish someone would just tell you what to do… so that you can meet the ideal man and have your loving, connected patnership?

Do you see other women that maybe aren’t as pretty or as smart as you, but they have a great guy, and you think… “I don’t get it. What do they know that I don’t?”

Good news!

On this episode of the podcast Marni talks to Beth; a divorced, single mother who almost moved her family and business because she was convinced she would never meet the right high-quality man where she lived!

Beth has listened to the Dating Den podcast for years and when Marni offered to rewire her brain… she decided to invest in herself to get unstuck!

During this episode, she tells Marni about her limiting beliefs and how the team helped her to overcome them. She is now dating an amazing guy she really connects with.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How to ask for dating and relationship help
  • Overcoming triggers to find peace and calm
  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • Why core wounds hold you back from being authentically you
  • How to attract the life you want

How You Know It’s Time to Act [1:24]

Beth had been doing self-development work for some time but admits she was having difficulty changing her core thoughts and beliefs about what she deserved. 

She is a single mother who consistently took care of others before herself. She wanted to find a partner but didn’t think she would ever meet anyone she could connect with in her area.

She decided she needed outside help to rewire her brain and contacted the team at Dating with Dignity. Working with Marni and Sherrie made her feel heard and enabled her to identify her limiting beliefs and blocks. She committed to the 10-week program and gave it her all.

“I feel liberated because I now have the tools to calmly move through things that trigger me.”

“The program helped me realize that I am lovable and I am enough.”

Advice for Other Women Who May Be Afraid to Ask for Help  [28:27]

Beth reveals that the program 100% worked for her. She also knows she’ll never go back to the way she used to think and operate. 

And now she is attracting the life she wants, because she is being more of who she wants to be!

Even her friends have commented about the calm, peaceful place she is in now that she feels safe and never worries about being rejected!

Listen to the story of Beth’s transformation now <<

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