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Episode 22


Johnny Fernandez

Where Are They Keeping the Secret Stash of Quality Men? With Johnny Fernandez

Episode 22

Where Are They Keeping the Secret Stash of Quality Men? With Johnny Fernandez


Johnny Fernandez

Dating Den Episode 22 – With Johnny Fernandez: Where Are They Keeping the Secret Stash of Quality Men?

Do you ever think, there must be a secret spot where all the good men are…

Like a private club or some place they all hang out, that nobody told you about…

Because in your day to day life, they seem to be nowhere… like non-existent. You might even wonder if the whole quality man thing is a myth.

Well listen closely and get ready to take notes because my guest on today’s Dating Den podcast is going to reveal to you the mythical hiding spot of the elusive quality man!

Johnny Fernandez is going to tell you why when you walk into a room of 20 guys and, when you try to pick up 15 of them, why they are wrong for you!

Johnny and his wife Dr. Lara Fernandez have been love coaches for 12 years. They empower single, conscious women through relationships. Ladies if you own your power, speak your truth about who you are and embody healthy beliefs and behaviors, finding ‘soulmate love’ will become your destiny.

So, Why Do Women Believe There Are No Quality Men? [3:49]

Men of quality do exist and Johnny is going to teach us how to attract our soulmate. Johnny says, our beliefs from childhood get reinforced in adulthood. Most women don’t make their limiting beliefs a priority. They need to understand where their beliefs about love and relationships come from and then work on themselves to change it. In a room of 20 men, 15 of them may be knuckleheads, 3 are good guys and 2 are every woman’s dream. Women just don’t see the good ones.

Finding A Soulmate Should Be a Priority [10:19]

Most women listening to this podcast live in a Westernized patriarchal society. Women are used to doing what society tells them. Society says they need to work, produce, and do but this is the opposite of what they need to do to attract a relationship with a quality man. Women say I will invest as little as possible. They don’t put a lot of effort towards finding a quality man. Finding the right person should be a top priority in their life.

Men Don’t Hold All the Cards [16:00]

In any relationship, a woman has more power than she knows. When women invest the time, attention, resources and focus into loving themselves it helps their relationships. When you are with the right person you are hot for them and you want to be with them all the time. If women are honest with themselves and make finding the right guy a priority they will find their love.

A Quality Guy Does What He Says He Is Going To Do [18:38]

A quality guy is masculine and has integrity. He is conscious and caring. He is trying to do the right thing in his life and he cares about you. He is self-aware, caring, has emotional intelligence and is kind. If a woman doesn’t do what she says she is going to do they attract a man with the same vibration. A woman should step up her focus in this area of her life.

Ladies be intentional in your vision through your actions.

Be the Person You Want to Attract [28:39]

Men are looking for relationships too. Look for communities you can be your authentic self in and be willing to share the deepest part of your soul. This is important for people, especially women. The idea that women feel they have done everything they can to find a quality guy is crazy. They are out there ladies!

Make a Connection with Marni:


“The #1 indicator of your happiness in your life is your primary romantic relationship.”

“If you think it’s the guy’s fault all the time then the guy has all the power.”

“Be intentional towards your vision through your actions.”

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