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Episode 19


Arielle Ford

Why Looking for a Conscious Spiritual Man Could Leave You Single Forever

Episode 19

Why Looking for a Conscious Spiritual Man Could Leave You Single Forever


Arielle Ford

Dating Den Episode 19 – With Arielle Ford: Why Looking for a Conscious Spiritual Man Could Leave You Single Forever

You’re here because you want better…

Better men, better relationships, better sex… better everything.

You deserve the BEST man. An evolved man…

A handsome, successful, spiritual, manly man that adores you and genuinely cares about you.

But there’s something you don’t know about the evolved, spiritual man…

And it could revolutionize the way you think of who the right man for you is… and the way he thinks of you!

If you have ever said to yourself:

“Why is there no one good enough for me out there?”

“I can’t find anyone interesting that I like.”

“I want a spiritual guy.”

If you have said these things to yourself well ladies, you are in for a wake-up call.

On today’s episode, Marne welcomes the Cupid of Consciousness, the Fairy God Mother of Love, Arielle Ford. For the last 25 years, Arielle Ford has lived and promoted consciousness through all forms of media. She is the author of the Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life Through the Law of Attraction and she has a new book Turn Your Mate Into Your Soul Mate.

There are smart and successful women who feel they have everything but love. Arielle says it’s an egotistical place for them to come from because there are a billion men to choose from out there.

If a woman is successful at work she is getting dopamine hits for doing what she is good at. What she wasn’t good at was dating so she made up excuses. But when you hit your 40’s and you wake up alone you start to wonder why you can’t manifest a soul mate? Women need to understand their dating patterns by putting their past relationships through a rigorous inspection.

Are you able to move in between your masculine and feminine when needed?

Are All the Good Ones Taken and Is It Too Late? [7:44]

Successful women can become locked in their masculine energy. If you desire an alpha man you need to downshift into your feminine energy.

Women don’t always know how to be warm, loving, and friendly on a date. Arielle advises if you go out on a date make it a treasure hunt about the other person. Be truly curious about your date.

Rose Colored Glasses [12:22]

Dating and finding a soulmate should be fun, not a chore. Manifesting who you will spend the rest of your life with is life’s grandest adventure. It shouldn’t be work to find your best friend and your lover. But on dates, women can be heat seeking missiles for what is wrong. Virtually wearing rose colored glasses can help them to see what is right. Women fall in love between their ears. If there is an instant chemistry, it’s lust, not long term love. Lust is ok, but it’s not about finding a soulmate.

How to Reset [15:54]

For a strong woman to reset Arielle says to make dating a sacred ritual. Light a candle, say a prayer and think of love as a spiritual adventure. Remember, men do spirituality differently. Conscious men are living their life on purpose. New age nice guys may be suppressing their anger.

But it’s Too Late For Me [19:51]

It’s never too late to find a soul mate no matter your age. If you keep saying it’s too late, you will make yourself right. Women need to be optimistic.

A soulmate is someone you can completely be yourself with. It is possible to have more than one soulmate in your life. If you want to draw your soulmate near you simply need to have gratitude for what you already have. The law attraction says we draw people, places and experiences to us that mirror our state of being.

Get into a higher vibrational frequency.

Make a Connection With Arielle

Make a Connection with Marni:


“It takes women between 3-5 dates to feel chemistry with the other person because women fall in love between the ears.”

“Women often believe being feminine is not having to do any of the work in a relationship.”

“Would you rather be right or would you rather be loved?”

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