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Jodi Sternoff Cohen

Dating Den Episode 215 - With Jodi Sternoff Cohen: A Natural Way to Help You Deal with Your Dating Anxiety


Dating Den Episode 215 - With Jodi Sternoff Cohen: A Natural Way to Help You Deal with Your Dating Anxiety


Jodi Sternoff Cohen

Dating Den Episode 215 – With Jodi Sternoff Cohen: A Natural Way to Help You Deal with Your Dating Anxiety

Did you know that stress could be turning away potential mates? Cortisol, the chemical released during stressful periods can build up in your body and cause anxiety and depression. To discover a natural, daily way to lower stress levels, Marni speaks with the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, Jodi Sternoff Cohen, about how essential oils can help you take control of your nervous system and date from a healthy place.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Foundational healing of the body
  • How essential oils are used on a date
  • Best practices for using essential oils
  • How to boost your mood instantly

Lowering Cortisol [5:20]

Jodi shares her personal journey of anxiety and stress. Her ex-husband was severely depressed. She walked on eggshells 24/7. After he attempted suicide, her friends told her she shouldn’t be handling the situation alone. When he was placed in a doctor’s care, she thought she would feel better but her energy was depleted and she still felt the pain of chronic stress. Her cortisol level had been high for such a long time, it was wreaking havoc in her body.

A friend introduced her to essential oils and that day she accomplished more in one day than she had in the previous three weeks. She wondered if there was something she could do with the oils to help her sleep. She started creating all of her own blends and sharing with friends who all had positive experiences.

Nutritional therapy and essential oils can be part of your healing process.

How the Oils Help During a Stressful Period [12:01]

Much like a computer, our bodies have an operating system that controls our automatic functions, such as breathing, digestion, heart rate, and anxiety. The system allocates resources to where we need them. If the nervous system is on high-alert it changes our ability to connect with other people. Our pupils dilate and our sympathetic nervous system keeps us from connecting with other people.

Essential oils can help us shift gears to reach a space where it is easier to connect to others and attract the high-quality guy we desire.

The vagus nerve is the main communication highway between your brain and your body. It passes through your heart and lungs. Right behind your ear is where the nerve is most accessible. It switches on your parasympathetic nervous system. That is the place to put the oil.

If things are crazy around you, it is your choice how you respond. Oils can help you shift your response.

The challenge with illnesses is that it is hard to get remedies into the brain due to the blood-brain barrier. Essential oils are fat-soluble and pass easily through the blood-brain barrier.

The Foundations of Healthy Connections [27:50]

When we get enough sleep, calm our nervous systems, and eliminate the waste in our bodies we are healthier and happier. When we are happier we attract people to us because our pheromones are released without impurities.

Research of the olfactory center of the body and the study of pheromones tells us why we are attracted to people, how we smell danger, and how we can boost our mood through smells.

Applying rose oil over the heart is the fastest way to boost your mood, feel better, and stop fear.

Jodi shares gems from her newest book, Essential oils: Boost the Brain and Heal the Body, including nerve stimulation techniques.

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