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The Second Time ‘Round – Happy RV’sary to me!

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Feeling like I have hit the sweet spot of my life as a digital nomad, a weekend at the Watershed Music Festival was the perfect way to celebrate our one year anniversary of deciding to live in a big rig!

So here’s a recap of what was different at Watershed, the second time ‘round:

  1. We arrived before the crowds in Andi rather than in a rental! Woohooo! From feeling like it was our home that we brought to the campsite, to knowing exactly how to operate all the bits and pieces of the rig, Andi really showed her amazing capabilities. Because there are no ‘hookups’ at the site, we operated all our electricity and water using a generator that was quiet. Even with temps over 100 degrees, Andi stayed cool and the Katz Brothers (our cats) were perfectly happy inside. We sat in our zero gravity lawn chairs under the amazing awnings during the day, grabbed ice cold non-alcoholic drinks from the outdoor tailgating cooler, cooked healthy meals inside, listened to our fav singers on the badass Bose speakers outside, and Jeremy got an amazing little swimming pool where we spent our days before the concert relaxing, reading, swimming and enjoying festival vibes!
  2. I wasn’t a newbie to the country music scene! As part of the shedding process I have been doing in the last year, I consider my new love of country music part of the result of living into evolving rather than being stuck in the nostalgia of the past. Let me explain, prior to May 2022 I mostly listened to music from the 70s and 80’s. I liked the oldies because it reminded me of the past. When I discovered Country music, I felt like it resonated with a very authentic part of who I am now. (and it has nothing to do with politics people, let me be very clear). And going to Watershed after 15 months of listening to a lot of country music, I was excited to hear a lot of the performers, not just the headliners! I got to hear so many of my favorites and I loved singing along and dancing my ass off every night!
  3. We knew where we were going, what to do, and we made the weekend even more spectacular by getting box seats for the same price we got SRO – standing room only — last year. Last year we did an experiment to see if it was worth the price to buy VIP tickets. We decided, most definitely that it did as we had separate entrances, and a separate place to eat, drink and use the restroom. Less crowds. More accessibility. The whole thing felt easy-peasy. Last year, there was a reserved grass area for SRO tickets so that meant we put chairs down where we wanted to sit and other VIP ticket holders filled in around us. Crowded, but not ridiculous. This year, however, in a phase of a very transmittable covid virus going around, we opted for Box Seats so that we didn’t have to squeeze into a spot on the grass next to a bunch of people. Instead we shared an open air box, closer to the stage, with a cute couple in their 30’s who we befriended. As making connections totally blows my hair back, hanging at the festival with Matt and Gina made it extra special! The box seat area was even more secluded, had its own club hang-out area in between sets, and a very amazing clean air conditioned restroom. Being 2x ‘shedders’ felt great this year and it paid off as we curated the weekend to meet our needs exactly!
  4. We are in the process of creating a tradition. One of the things that really lights me up and helps nurture my relationship is creating rituals and traditions. From my 40 year annual trip to Maui to Jeremy and I taking walks every night after dinner, adding in Watershed each summer and making it a priority is something we both agreed we want to do. This year, it took effort to get all the way to Eastern Washington and make it part of our itinerary. There were some long driving days before and afterwards to get back to Idaho where we are setting off on a river rafting adventure next week. And after much discussion, we want to make this festival a thing we do every summer. #worthit We hope to include the adult kids at some point, but whether they can join us or not, being #shedders is good for our souls. Jeremy and I get to have time for romance and being playful, long days of relaxation and nights of fun, the chance to listen to great music together, and a fun way to meet new people.

Last year I wrote a blog after the festival about the parts of me I shed at Watershed. I think it’s important I intentionally shed that kind of go, go, go, energy part of me annually. As country music star Jake Owens sings in one of the hit songs he performed Sunday night….Watershed…

‘…..I was made for you….”

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