VIP Day with Marni:
The Day Before Your Plug Into
Your Superpower Retreat!
*only 5 spots left*


When and Where Will The VIP Day With Marni Take Place?

The event is being held on Thursday, October 28th, the day before your Plug Into Your Superpower retreat.

We are planning on starting at 9am and finishing by approximately 3pm.  Like all live events, timing is subject to small changes.

The event will be held at Chautauqua in Boulder, CO, the same location as the Plug Into Your Superpower retreat.

How Many Spots Are Available?

Attendance will be capped at 20 registrants.  There are currently 5 spots that are still available.

When Is The Deadline To Sign Up?

Registration for the VIP Day ends on Tuesday, August 24th, unless all spots are filled before then.

What Will Be Covered During the VIP Day?

If you have any areas of your life where you are feeling stuck, not just in dating or relationships, but also in your career, or living into your vision … literally ANY stuck point…

This is an opportunity to have Marni’s eyes and attention and energy on your specific situation to help you unlock the piece you haven’t been able to see.

It’s an opportunity to create quantum leaps in a really short time before your Plug Into Your Superpower retreat begins.

Still Have Questions?

Email vip@datingwithdignity.com

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