Why Your Adult Brain Acts Like a 6 Year Old Around Men

As a high-achiever, when it comes to your professional life and your career, you’ve been able to put your head down, ingoring unmet feelings and needs you’ve been experiencing your whole life.

The problem is, these needs come roaring back in your personal life. It’s why you’re not attracting the high-quality, commitment ready men you desire.

And it’s why your adult brain acts like a 6-year old around men and sabotages your chances with great guys …especially when it’s someone you like and the stakes are high.

If you’re ready to understand why there is a giant mismatch between the success you’ve created in all of the other areas of your life and the results you are experiencing with men, and what to do different to attract your dream guy for the loving, committed, fulfilling relationship your heart desires…

Listen to the Podcast below with me and special guest, Dr. Sheldon Kardener!

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Marni Battista

Is a Certified Love and Relationship Expert specializing in helping high-achieving women find love.

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