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Woohoo! This blog is a celebration!!

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Exactly one year ago this week Jeremy and I, fresh off of our 5-week experiment in an RV we named, “Baby,” flew to Hershey, PA where we purchased Andi!

Since then, we moved from LA to the Palm Springs area (5 total moves!), moved into Andi, and have been on the road for six months! Since March 28th we have made an entire loop around the USA! It’s amazing to me that we have logged 12,000 miles starting in Indiana, spending the spring in the Southeast, summer in the West, and trekking through the midwest in August to land in Newport, Rhode Island to begin our fall leaf extravaganza!

And, guess what?

Despite a very rocky start, we love this lifestyle so much we have decided to extend into 2023, expanding our nomadic adventures beyond the RV.

As we head into our personal annual planning retreat we do in November with each other, we are starting to dream of Australia and Europe next year so we can spend more time with Jeremy’s family. We also want to experiment more with #boatlife and are exploring living on a sailboat for 4 weeks so that we can see if this is something we want to do more of in the future. And where we will return to in America that we loved so we can get more clarity on a future home once we stop traveling.

And in all of this, I am finding out how the more edges I create for myself and want to break through, the more I need to lean into the spiritual and healing work that fully allows the most authentic version of me into the world. It’s not convenient, easy, or fun, yet I am relentless because I know that from upset, fear, and worry I can extend into greater joy, peace, and fulfillment.

So what has that meant in the last six months…

  • I am daring to stay committed to my dreams and goals even when circumstances are challenging. And oh how they have been a challenge. Working remotely, working out (my Pelaton was broken for more than 8 weeks and staying with the routine without a screen taught me so much about myself), eating healthfully while also eating more soft serve ice cream cones than I have had in a lifetime, and so many other things that were once routine. This has challenged me to stay focused and committed each and every day to the big picture. And while my business has undergone massive changes this year, I am building a stronger team that walks the talk more than ever. We are growing through the pains and emerging stronger and more clear on our vision. We have served so many amazing women who are having results faster than ever before this year, and they too have supported me in my vision while I have supported them in theirs. I have led rather than managed (a goal I have been working on for the last two years) and am so grateful for the people around me who are as committed to making an impact as I am. And I have done this all with unwavering faith and execution while living in Andi.
  • I have stayed accountable and in action of all the touchstones in my life that are the parts of it that keep me grounded. In the area of connection, I have actually built stronger friendships in some ways through texting and phone calls, something I didn’t do as regularly when I lived in LA. I have reestablished connections with friends and family who live across the country because I have been able to visit. I meditate, journal, walk and remember to breathe. I am reading, knitting, writing, taking classes, and listening to music (yes, my country music obsession is stronger than ever before).
  • I have discovered the cracks that were in my marriage that we had ignored. And as a result of being accountable to each other in new ways living in 40 feet, we have healed so much and I have a new best friend in Jeremy. We are now laughing when we are annoyed with one another, listening better, and encouraging each other in so many new ways. I even taught him how to do laundry and he has taught me how to empty the tanks! I feel so grateful to have found the perfect partner for me. Growing older together with this handsome man who has the same vision and passion for life has made my life experience richer than I could have ever imagined!

In other exciting news, we now have an operational washer AND dryer which has been a game changer. I was able to spend a week in South Bend where I took daily walks on the gorgeous Notre Dame campus while Andi was being serviced. I rode my bike around Mackinac Island in Michigan. The Katz Brothers continue to be adventure ninjas moving from place to place without a hitch. I flew to Boulder, Colorado to lead a client retreat that was amazing and when I came back to Andi it really felt like HOME! And I landed a new literary agent I am really excited about for the book I have been wanting to write for the last year on how to live life on your terms!

I am excited to explore the east coast (I’m eating so much yummy seafood!) and experience fall for the first time in 20-plus years! Here’s to sweaters and the crunch of leaves under my feet!!

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I am Marni Battista, entrepreneur, mom of three, wife, and lover of travel. My husband and I have spent the last three years being intentional about creating a life that feels like an authentic expression of us as individuals and together. We have a mutual love of adventure, nature, peace, and freedom which has resulted in a series of experiments in honor of our desire to experience a radical living challenge! This blog represents the beginning of this journey.