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How Our Clients Create


At The Institute for Living Courageously our clients solve the one problem that has haunted them for years – they are finally able to reveal and heal the missing 10% that has kept them feeling like they are not living the life they are meant to live.

We then use a proven effective strategy designed specifically for high-caliber women, so you can envision and design a meaningful and fufilling life on your terms without sacrificing the success you have worked so hard to achieve

Here are some of their incredible, life-changing stories:

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I’m living the life of my dreams

My Business is going really well and I’m doing this while in a relationship…we’re having so much fun. He’s wonderful, and we’re creating a life together.


I had this idea that maybe love wasn’t really for me

I had this idea that maybe love wasn’t really for me. But as I stand here today, I can tell you every single part of my life, every relationship that I have is deeper and richer already.


I have stronger family relationships

I am now in the healthiest, most committed relationship I’ve ever been in with a wonderful man. I have stronger family relationships and amazing growth in my career.


I am much more grounded, I feel more confident

I am much more grounded, I feel more confident, and I used to struggle with depression and now that’s not even an issue. I just feel like I’m living the life that I wanna live now.


we’re talking about long term partnership

I’ve been in a relationship that’s over a year old, we’re talking about long term partnership. He just said to me, ‘there’s nothing like the feeling that you’re with the last person you’re gonna love…’


I’ve transformed my life, my business, my relationships

I am in a committed relationship and this is the happiest I’ve ever been in a relationship of my life. I’ve transformed my life, my business, my relationships. It’s just incredible.


I really understood that I was somebody’s dream girl

I really understood that I was somebody’s dream girl. Just like I am. I didn’t need to be different, I didn’t need to have anything else. And lo and behold, he turned up and that’s how he sees me. I am his dream girl.


The best initial results were me actually loving who I am

The best initial results were me actually loving who I am. I didn’t do that before I joined LCE. I think I had an appreciation for myself but I didn’t truly believe that I was worthy of great things.



I was 3 years out of my divorce, wasn’t getting where I wanted to be, had spent my whole adult life with the same man, and didn’t know how to move forward. I was settling for crumbs and not getting what I wanted out of life.


Before working with you everything was such an effort

Before LCE everything was such an effort and I didn’t have a clear vision of how to get where I wanted to be. I had a sense of what it was, and I had a dream, but I also I learned in LCE to just dream a bigger dream.


I had spent a lifetime of creating and supporting a life for other people

The moment I hit rock bottom was when I realized my whole life was a farce and none of it belonged to me. I had spent a lifetime of creating and supporting a life for other people… instead of for myself.


I could really see myself climbing out of that hole that I was living in

I was really challenged with just functioning and feeling like I was being successful in any part of my life and when having that first conversation with Marni … I could really see myself climbing out of that hole that I was living in.


My business wasn’t doing much, I’m alone, what’s my legacy going to be?

I had a business that’s not doing much, I’m alone, I haven’t had any children of my own. What is my legacy gonna be? Once I leave this planet, I wouldn’t have left any significant imprint on anybody’s life and that felt really sad to me.


I had done other programs and what was different for me WAS…

I had done other programs and what was different for me about this was that I really wanted to commit to love, to relationships, to learning how to be open and vulnerable and be female. I hadn’t really ever felt truly myself as a powerful woman until I jumped into the program.


I tried dating, I joined online programs, I read books, I went to workshops

I tried dating, I joined online programs, I read books, I went to workshops and nothing worked for me. With LCE… everything is different. I love myself 100%. My health is different. I am in a long-term committed relationship and I can’t wait to continue to create our lives together.


I just took a chance on my self and it was worth it

I had all the objections you had, I just took a chance on my self and it was worth it.


I decided to do this program because I knew that I wanted to transform

I decided to do this program because I knew that I wanted to transform my life in ways that therapy wasn’t going to allow me to do. Therapy was not accountable enough, it was just all about me talking. I knew what my problems were but I needed somebody to push me more to take the next step.


Marni has such an extraordinary gift

Marni and her team are like nothing that I’ve ever come across in my life. She has such an extraordinary gift and the community of women that she has brought together are making so many strides. It starts with this incredible vision for our lives and she has this way of getting us there.


We are in love and committed with each other

Now that I know who I am and I found that wellspring of power in my soul to really express who I am, that’s when I started to create the life that I’ve been dreaming of. And the relationship that I’ve been dreaming of. We are in love and committed with each other at a depth already that I don’t think we would have had if I hadn’t been in the program.


This program is life-changing and it’s worth it

This event, this program is life changing and it’s worth every investment in yourself because that’s what it is. It’s an investment for yourself for the rest of your life.


More Awesome Testimonials

Before now I had never understood the concept of being vulnerable and raw when it came to myself and was always trying to people-please and keep up with what THEY all thought was right for me. I finally took a stance and regained control of my desires and destiny. My work through FLN has deepened my relationship with myself, my family, and my boyfriend--whom I’m now engaged to!

My level of conscious awareness has been raised. My reactions to triggers that were once an automatic default because of my past are now choice points in which I can CHOOSE the outcome. My way of life that I was living was just survival mode before. Doing what it took to get by has been left by the wayside now, and I’m living for the present moment and creating each opportunity exactly as I see fit. I’ve learned to love myself and present myself to the world as an authentic, powerful, feminine woman who deserves to be seen, respected and loved unconditionally!
Amanda S.
Wow! All I can say is I feel SO FULL of life and joy now that I have shifted energy on the inner! It really was like a lightning bolt when we talked. AMAZING things have manifested. Thanks, Marni, for ALL YOU DO
Robyn C.
Millions of thanks! I am really astonished and moved by the level of professionalism with which you manage your business, Marni. It is amazing to see the progress since I first got to know you. Last night’s call was very powerful, fast paced, and added a layer of strength and power in what is possible for me in the next four weeks. I am left with “you mean business and all women’s success is on your mind and no one gets to fail with you.” I acknowledge your strength, your dedication to others’ success, your success, and your powerful communications. I am grateful for your contribution in my life.
Christina K.
I was having hang-ups of the old me and was keeping myself safe and not believing I could achieve the weight I so desired. Even when we were done with our meeting, I knew I wasn't on board 100% like I needed to be. So I pushed myself and encouraged myself lovingly to get my mindset right! I dealt with my fears and my safety net and woke up one day with the clarity and determination to really let go of my old self-loathing tendencies and made the change in my heart and mind. I'm happy to say it's changed everything. I'm down 13 pounds, I have more energy, and I'm moving closer to my goal.

But the real change is inside where my excuses are void and my choices to love myself and make this happen are clear! I had a milestone while I was dressing in front of the mirror and seeing myself skinnier and my face thinner, and I was tearing up out of pure joy and acceptance of myself and seeing where I'm going. I feel like the one thing that was holding me back after improving my self-awareness was my weight. I'm overjoyed at this whole process and so thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for doing what you do. I have literally changed my life, and you are the catalyst who made it happen. I am eternally grateful.
Sara K.
Trekking over 300km in the high Himalayan Mountains with the love of my life is my definition of bliss. Your program remains the most life-changing program of my life.
Thank you for the knowledge you have given me. The information has continued to be life changing. I had struggled with finding a relationship since the beginning and often blamed myself 'I am not good enough' and that no one would love me. I am so blessed that I choose to take the leap since what you taught me has change the perspective about myself. The support from you, Tessa and the group, being in a place to open up in a safe space, and now finding love for life.
Mimi T.
Through your program, I realized I was being a victim my whole life, which was the most eye opening part. It helped me to see things differently and change who I was so that I wasn’t going back to my old habits. I got a great guy that has helped me to grow and be a better person. I am so grateful to you. You had a huge influence on my life decisions and I’m eternally grateful for that!
Danielle C.
I’ve always had a reputation for being happy and confident on the outside, but the brutal self-judgment and loathing going on in my head kept me on a path of isolation from deep, true intimacy. How could I possibly entertain loving someone else when I didn't love myself?

Now I realize this and have been given tools to turn it all around. Loving myself, giving myself room to feel feelings and to fail, and letting go of my superhuman expectations of myself have allowed me to be at a place of calm, love, and joy. I don't take things personally as much, I catch myself when acting out in conflict, and I let myself cry and be vulnerable.

Wow! I am a woman: a true, humanly woman who has so much to give, the ability to receive, and the power to create an amazing authentic life!
It's literally all falling into place after coaching with you for seven months! Got a place to move into! Whoo hoo! Attracted a man, a job that I love, and now a place. Things are on the rise! Yay! And, a funny thing happened after our session that I never expected! My sister-in-law offered to make me lunch! So funny; the first time in over 1 year. Things change when we change. It's awesome!
Jane V.

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