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A Blog About Radically Living

What is the Radical Living Challenge?

I am Marni Battista, entrepreneur, mom of three, wife of Jeremy, and a lover of exploring all things new and novel. Jeremy and I began to explore the idea of Radical Living — that is to live courageously, designing and creating a life outside the boundaries of what might be described as preconceived norms — so that we live life on our terms, right now. As a result, we spent the last five years being intentional about creating this kind of life, one that is an authentic expression of who we are as individuals, and as a couple..

With mutual values of adventure, nature, peace, connection, and freedom as the basis of this exploration and experimentation, we ultimately realized we had a strong desire to embark on a full-on challenge in living radically. And so in 2021, as empty nesters, we designed a new set of experiments to help us determine what that challenge might be so that we could embark on a Radical Living Challenge in 2022! This blog represents that ongoing journey in living courageously.  Follow us by clicking on the button below and we’ll keep you updated on our journey!