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What is the Radical Living Challenge?

I am Marni Battista, entrepreneur, mom of three, wife of Jeremy, and a lover of exploring all things new and novel. Jeremy and I began to explore the idea of Radical Living — that is to live courageously, designing and creating a life outside the boundaries of what might be described as preconceived norms — so that we live life on our terms, right now. As a result, we spent the last five years being intentional about creating this kind of life, one that is an authentic expression of who we are as individuals, and as a couple..

With mutual values of adventure, nature, peace, connection, and freedom as the basis of this exploration and experimentation, we ultimately realized we had a strong desire to embark on a full-on challenge in living radically. And so in 2021, as empty nesters, we designed a new set of experiments to help us determine what that challenge might be so that we could embark on a Radical Living Challenge in 2022! This blog represents that ongoing journey in living courageously.  Follow us by clicking on the button below and we’ll keep you updated on our journey!

Six Months Later, We Return to the Ocean! Exploring the Coast of New England

The last few weeks have been absolutely incredible exploring Rhode Island, Cape Cod, and Maine! I have never been to this part of New England, …

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Woohoo! This blog is a celebration!!

Exactly one year ago this week Jeremy and I, fresh off of our 5-week experiment in an RV …

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Counting My Blessings In Corn Country – A Week In Iowa

I’m still feeling so much joy after spending an incredible week in my hometown, Cedar Rapids, Iowa where …

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A River Ran Through Me and it Changed Me Forever

Let me tell you, my trip last week with Mackay River Adventures blew my hair back!  So much …

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The Second Time ‘Round – Happy RV’sary to me!

Feeling like I have hit the sweet spot of my life as a digital nomad, a weekend at …

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Moose, Glaciers, and Bears… Oh My

The drive from the Teton National Park to Glacier National Park was relatively short, and when we pulled …

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Do You Know The Sounds A Ground Squirrel Makes?

I didn’t have much time to come off that rocky mountain high because we headed straight from Steamboat …

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I Think There Might Be Such A Thing As A Mountain High…

I haven’t written in two weeks. I’ve been high 🙂 We have been in the mountains for a …

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What I have learned in my first 90 days living and working on the road

I missed a week of blogging and I think that it’s mostly because I wanted to let things …

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Peace… and Angst in The Enchanted State

New Mexico is the Enchanted State. And since we have been here in the last two weeks I …

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Austin… A Little Bit Of Everything!

While they say that everything is bigger in Texas, what I know from my ten days exploring Austin …

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Marni and team

How To Find Out What Makes You Happy (so you can do more of it)

After spending an incredible three days in Sun River, Oregon coaching fifteen amazing women, I jumped on a …

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How The South Showed Me What I Could Never See

I’m writing this while on a plane back to the West Coast for a retreat I am leading. …

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How We Work While Living Full Time in Our RV

While I will be writing a blog about the incredible experience we had in Charleston and Hilton Head …

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Dear Kindred Spirit

Three weeks into living full time in the RV, having identified that I had been stuck in the …

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What The Spring Flowers Taught Me on the Appalachian Trail

After reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed, I often fantasized about being the kind of woman who would do …

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How Charles Esten Helped Me Find Joy In Times Of Struggle

“Hold on, you don’t know what’s waiting for you down the road.” Charles Esten Singer, songwriter The Bluebird …

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We Bought An RV! Our Decision Making Process in Hershey I had just returned from leading a retreat in Utah when I walked into the house that …

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Can You Say Goodbye Without Going Crazy In The Process? I never felt crazy.  And I still don’t. We decided to end the Radical Living Experiment one …

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The Journey Home: What We Learned From 35 Days in 36 Feet

Before we left for our adventure, Jeremy and I sat down one afternoon together on the patio surrounded …

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Our Last Week On The Oregon Coast — Part 2 — Finding Connection In The Unexpected Blessings After the weekend at Cannon Beach we drove to a campsite near Portland in the town of …

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Ten Days of Data Collecting on The Oregon Coast – Part I – Finding Connection In The Unexpected Blessings

Complete with our adventures in Washington, we headed to Oregon where we spent ten days meandering through coastal …

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What We Learned Where The Vampires Roam: Can We Transform Who We Are As A Couple? Emboldened by our hiking adventures in Mount Rainier, we set off for a few days in the …

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Are Weekends To Recover? Spending The Weekend At Mount Rainier To Figure It Out

Up until recently, I didn’t know that my weekends were mostly designed to recover. What that meant was …

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Our First Big Test —Establishing A Routine On The Road (While Staying Out of ‘Vacation Mode”)

After the rush of the Watershed Music Festival, we headed out into our first official work week on …

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What I Shed at the Watershed Festival If you know me, you know that I love to be playful, dance like a total dork, …

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Our Adventure Begins

…and so the adventure begins.

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The Experiment: Meet Our Rental RV “Baby”

In order to do an experiment, you have to have something to test, an hypothesis. After reviewing our …

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The Crane Battista Below Deck Adventure

#TheSailingExperiment #Threementomoor #Spanky’sGang. #Watchoutfortheprimary While I grew up reluctantly learning how to sail on a tiny sunfish my …

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