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Please find a sample of Marni's writings below

Follow Marni's Journey As She...

Shares her challenges while navigating becoming an empty nester, how it affected her relationship with her husband, and ultimately how the process brought her the exact clarity she needed to create more love and joy and freedom.

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

In this article, featured by JTA, Marni shares a personal story about how she found freedom in forgiveness.

Why Getting Skinny Won’t Do $#@! to Help Navigate Menopause

In this article, Marni shares her personal journey in navigating menopause, understanding her body so that she can remain active, manage the aging process and not judge herself along the way.

Follow Marni's Journey As She...

Uncovers the secret to attracting the right person… and discovers a happiness and fulfillment more amazing than she could have imagined.

Empty Nester's Reality

In this article, featured by L.A. Mom Magazine, Marni shares the realities of an empty nester.