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Episode 61


Lydia Wente

The Difference Between Dieting, Losing Weight and Truly Being at Peace with Food

Episode 61

The Difference Between Dieting, Losing Weight and Truly Being at Peace with Food


Lydia Wente

Dating Den Episode 61 – With Lydia Wente: The Difference Between Dieting, Losing Weight and Truly Being at Peace with Food

It’s almost the New Year, will your resolution be the same as last year and the year before that?

Will you feel shame about eating what you like at a holiday party?

Do you binge eat your favorite food because you feel sad?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you need to listen to this show because my guest is an expert at creating sustainable, lasting change. Lydia Wente teaches women how to claim their freedom from the physical and mental woes of food and food struggles. She is also a pioneer in the eating disorder/comedy genre.

Lydia has helped lots of women finally be at peace with food.

Common Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Improve Their Relationship with Food [3:30]

A common mistake women make is trying to manipulate their bodies through a diet or restriction. It’s OK to improve our bodies but it should be done in a peaceful, sustainable, lasting way. When we say no more of our favorite foods it only makes us want it more.

Deprivation drives cravings.

When we fall off the wagon it distorts our relationship with food. Every time we restrict calories and try to force our bodies to be thinner it actually pushes up our set point weight.

Why Do We Base Our Self-Worth on Our Weight? [8:08]

Many of us make food a moral choice. Did we do good today or bad today based on what we ate? We make being thinner equate to how good we are doing in life. If we slip up and eat something we deem bad it makes us feel out of integrity with ourselves.

Women have so much shame around their food struggles they often don’t share their stories. A woman’s partner may think the ups and downs have something to do with them or the relationship. It creates blocks in intimacy.

Detaching morality from food means basing our integrity on things that really matter.

How to Find Peace with Food [13:46]

Lydia says all the help we need is in our brains. Our relationship with food is just a habit. Once we break the cycle and become aware of the battle going on in our brains, we can use a neuro-hack to go into a place of allowing. When we own that we can have the foods we want then your brain starts to relax and it breaks the spell. Lydia has a collection of ‘Calling Out the Chatter’ videos on Youtube to help women create a new habit of thought around food. You don’t have to fix your whole life to change your relationship with food!

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