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Episode 59



The Ghosting Epidemic: How To Handle It With Your Dignity In Tact

Episode 59

The Ghosting Epidemic: How To Handle It With Your Dignity In Tact



Dating Den Episode 59 – With Sanjanna: The Ghosting Epidemic: How To Handle It With Your Dignity In Tact

Let’s say you meet a great guy, and he comes on strong: really strong.

The way he looks at you and touches you… it all feels right.

Maybe he even talks about your future together after a couple of dates, and it doesn’t set off any red flags.

It feels a little like magic because he’s doing all the right things, so you throw caution to the wind and you let yourself think you could be falling in love with him.

Maybe he’s your guy.

Almost instantly you get a strange, uneasy feeling.

He starts taking longer to answer your texts and return your calls. His overwhelming desire to see you – any time of day or night – is replaced by complaints that he’s “Really busy at work” and “Can’t get away.”

Eventually he stops texting or calling, and then he falls off your radar completely and vanishes.

And you’re left to wonder, “Did I do something wrong?”

Was it something you did that turned him off, or is it his issue?

Is he commitment-phobic, or maybe he has a fear of intimacy?

If you want to know what you’re doing that makes men “ghost” AND what you should be doing so it never happens to you again…

And if it does, how to handle it without feeling rejected, you need to listen to this latest episode of the Dating Den.

How to Avoid Ghosting Before it Happens [03:20]

Sanjana was just looking to meet new people when she started communicating with a guy. She hinted towards a long-term relationship if things went well and he agreed. Sanjana allowed herself to play the cool girl, never addressing her needs and letting him lead the relationship. For two years they hung out with no clear direction to where the relationship might be going.

When you tell a guy what you want he needs to decide if he is stepping up or stepping out.

Lapping Up the Crumbs [12:17]

When Sanjana got the courage to tell the guy what she needed from him he may have felt blindsided. He would try to tell her what she wanted to hear to make her happy but he would never fully lean into or follow through with the plans.

Don’t Lose Your Dignity [14:18]

Sanjana continues to look for closure even after her calls and text go unanswered. She wants to know if she did something wrong but she is tired of expending energy trying to figure it out.

But, Sanjana already knows the answer doesn’t she ladies? Why would she want to continue hurting herself by hanging on to the unknown? She needs to let him go, forgive him and get back out there. When you date with dignity you don’t take ghosting personally.

Youtube Homework: Look up ‘Swingers movie’ answering machine scene. So you know what not to do!

Ghosting on Dating Apps [30:16]

Always be the person you want to attract when dating online. If you are not attracted to someone be honest and tell them if they send you a message. Practice good dating karma.

Ladies no matter what always remember, you are important, you are loved and you are significant.

Quality men do not hide behind dating apps.

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