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Dating Den Episode 197 - Coaching Jen: 10 Months to ‘I Do’ — The Process One Woman Followed to Go From Discouraged to Delighted


Dating Den Episode 197 - Coaching Jen: 10 Months to ‘I Do’ — The Process One Woman Followed to Go From Discouraged to Delighted



Dating Den Episode 197 – With Jen: 10 Months to ‘I Do’ — The Process One Woman Followed to Go From Discouraged to Delighted

Marni welcomes Jen into the Dating Den. When 55-year-old Jen first joined Marni’s program, she was unmarried Jen . How did it happen tht within 10 months she was married? Jen followed the process, did the work, and got clear about what she wanted in a relationship. During this episode, Jen shares how the lessons she learned in the program affect her life daily and how she met her husband.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Moving past trust issues
  • Creating non-negotiables
  • Daily appreciation practices
  • Conflict resolution in the early stages of a relationship

Why Seek Dating Help? [1:08]

For many years, Jen had been in a 23-year marriage that produced six children and ended in divorce. She then had a 5-year relationship that ended in a broken engagement. Jen knew she was ready to date again but was discouraged. She wanted a quality relationship but felt lost. What she was lacking was a plan.

When Jen heard about Marni’s program her confidence was at an all-time low. She realized if she continued to do the same things she would get the same results. So, she embraced Marni’s positive energy and decided to jump in with both feet.

Many women don’t believe it is possible to have an effective dating process. In reality, it isn’t that much different from any other vision or intention you have for your life.

Jen had previously seen a counselor but it didn’t help her to create a concrete action plan.

Letting Go & Trusting the Process [9:30]

Jen admits to being skeptical when first signing up. She did not tell her friends or family what she was doing in case it was too good to be true.

But, once she committed herself, Jen started sharing the information she was learning with everyone she knew. She says she felt confident she was getting the guidance she needed.

Jen’s kids began to notice her increased confidence level and mentioned it to her often. She says she felt more self-assured and started to understand her internal processes better. She started voicing her wants and needs and she clearly laid-out her non-negotiables.

Jen launched her dating strategy. She returned to, but this time it felt different. She went on a few dates before meeting THE guy who shared her values. Following the process brought her value-based, non-negotiables into focus.

“This time, dating was different because now I was clear about what I wanted.”

Tying the Knot [21:24]

Jen and Tim built a relationship together. For her, his words matched his actions. For him, she released her fears and trust issues and committed herself to him and their relationship. She describes her life now as peaceful and full of joy and confidence. She shares her

Jen continues to practice the lessons she learned in the program. Self-love and self-appreciation are now part of her daily routine. Her advice for other women looking for a quality relationship, ‘trust the process’ and ‘there is hope’.

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