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Episode 121


Chris Gillis

What We Can All Learn About Dating ‘Bad For You’ Men from Hanna B.

Episode 121

What We Can All Learn About Dating ‘Bad For You’ Men from Hanna B.


Chris Gillis

Dating Den Episode 121 – With Chris Gillis: What We Can All Learn About Dating ‘Bad For You’ Men from Hanna B.

Marni and Man Panelist Chris Gillis commentate a play-by-play of The Bachelor 2019 semi-finals and how it relates to real-life dating obstacles. They break down the obvious narcissism, the mature display of anger, and how to properly handle a breakup. Hannah hasn’t made her final decision yet but Chris and Marni may already know who she will choose!

Somebody Save Me? [2:43]

Marni and Chris break down the moment in the Bachelor when it mirrors real-life relationships between narcissists and the people who are attracted to them. They grapple with why someone smart and beautiful like Hannah could be attracted to someone who is emotionally abusive.

Then, in what was easily the most impactful part of the show, Hannah speaks directly to the viewers and asks for forgiveness for her insecurity-driven choices. Chris appreciates her move and expands on it as an example of the things that make dating so hard.

Ladies, just because a man likes you doesn’t mean you have to like them!

How to Be Clear About Breaking Free [15:34]

Marni and Chris discuss the decisive moment when Hannah moves the podium as a physical boundary, to represent the emotional boundary she was actively enforcing. But even though she was saying it was over she continued to defend herself and create a new avenue for manipulation.

You have to right to disengage when someone doesn’t respect your boundaries!

How to Let a Relationship End [22:33]

If you have ever been on the receiving end of a breakup, you know it can be hard to accept. If the other person believes, even for a minute, there may be a chance to get back together they will act on it. Chris recommends closing the door completely when breaking up with a guy, especially manipulators. Being direct is best when saying goodbye and do not apologize for your actions.

Predictions for the Next Episode of The Bachelor [31:21]

If Hannah heals and moves on, Chris predicts a close call between her choosing Tyler or Jed. But Marni says even though Jed is leaking his unavailability, Hannah will still pick him. Remember that Jed is in an offscreen relationship that his parents don’t approve of. The finals are a must watch!

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