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Episode 84


Dr. Margaret Paul

Does Dating Make You Anxious? 6 Steps to Take Control of Your Love Life and Meet Quality Men Now

Episode 84

Does Dating Make You Anxious? 6 Steps to Take Control of Your Love Life and Meet Quality Men Now


Dr. Margaret Paul

Dating Den Episode 84 – With Dr. Margaret Paul: Does Dating Make You Anxious? 6 Steps to Take Control of Your Love Life and Meet Quality Men Now

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re still single… why you don’t have a great guy that treats you like a priority and makes you feel beautiful and loved and safe…

If you have no idea why the guys you attract don’t show up for you the way you want… or why the guys you date disappear or are afraid to commit…

I have something Uh-Maze-ing for you!

In the den today, the amazingly insightful Dr. Margaret Paul explains how we can create intimate connections based on how we feel about ourselves. And why has lead you to places you don’t want to be.

If you’re a smart, badass woman that wants an epic relationship, (and I know you are), you can’t afford to miss this life-changing episode of The Dating Den!

Dr. Paul is a best-selling author and co-creator of the Inner Bonding Self-Healing process and creator of the online Self Quest Healing Program. She has been a guest on Oprah, and her new book, Diet for Divine Connection is available now.

Blending Psychology & Spirituality Through Inner Bonding [3:05]

Inner Bonding shows you how to get to know who they really are, your soul essence. It also uncovers limiting beliefs so that you can achieve a higher love.

Dr. Paul says that most of us grew up with parents who didn’t have a connection with their higher self. So, we were never taught how to access our spirituality.

In dating, we attract in our common level of woundedness or common level of self-love. If we don’t know how to love ourselves or we abandon ourselves, we attract people who do the same thing. If we don’t have self-love we look for someone to make us feel okay.

4 Things That Keep You From Getting the Guy You Want [6:01]

Ladies, even if you feel like you have it all together you may be neglecting yourself emotionally.

Ask yourself these four questions:

Do you ignore your feelings by staying in your head?

Do you criticize yourself or judge yourself?

Do you turn to addictions to avoid feelings and numb pain?

Do you make other people responsible for your feelings?

When we abandon ourselves we feel empty and we try to get love through control. But when we are filled up with love, then we have lots of love to share.

Send out good vibes and you’ll get good vibes in return!

The 6 Steps of Inner Bonding [15:21]

Be willing to feel your painful feelings

With intention consciously learn to adopt wisdom and love for ourselves

Discover what you may be doing to create pain for yourself and why

Access the truth about what is loving to you

Take a loving action

Consider the results

It may not be easy to put these steps into practice but there is a relief when we are connected to our higher self.

Dating can be fun when used as part of your learning experience.

Diet for a Divine Connection [25:51]

Dr. Paul’s new book is a philosophy-based, diet guide that helps people find high-frequency foods that allow them to tune into their bodies. For the reader, it provides a complete understanding of how to take responsibility for themselves emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

The first part of the book focuses on micro-biomes because an unbalanced gut can cause anxiety and depression. The second part of the book shows the relationship between inner bonding and eating.

Pick up your inner child and love them with compassion.

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